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Top 10 Android Games That You Can Download For Free in 2017

top 10 android games
Written by Altaf Shaikh

For the digital world nowadays gaming has changed the life of the whole worldwide especially the young generations of school and college students. For the hardcore gamers, they cannot imagine life without gaming. Gaming is one of the most important activities for each and every person.

If you do seek out on the internet, there are tons of Android games, but I would suggest you with few best top 10 Android games for you to play and have fun.

Before we just go through the best top 10 most popular and trending Android games let us first discuss the games and why it is loved by most of the people in the world. Generally, the game is an activity that is normally executed just for fun and pleasure, without any conscious purposes.

top 10 android games

The activity of game is always trending it is never outdated. If you are 90s kids you must have seen the specific video games how trending and popular it was and every person as a kid whether it was a girl or a boy was so much willing to have that particular video game.

However, now since the development and the technology are very advanced so gaming through the Smartphone has become a trend and it is also much more improving at a greater rate.

There are multiples of Android games however if you are searching for the best game for your Android devices then check out the top 10 best Android games that are given below.

Best Top 10 Android Games will Amaze you:

So given below are the best top 10 Android games that you can ultimately download and install it on your Android devices for free and enjoy it.

Fire Emblem Heroes:

For the new players who are thinking of exploring awesome games, you will find this particular game very awesome and interesting. Simply open gateways between the worlds and heroes by your side.
Fire Emblem Heroes is generally a free tactical role-playing of the game that is beautifully developed by the most intelligent system of Nintendo with strategy.

The game is very interesting having a simple user interface that ultimately makes everyone play without any complications. Normally the game is all about the world having two kingdoms; one the Emblian Empire that wish to rule the whole world and other the Askran Kingdom that stand still and motionless in its way.

top 10 android games

So you will be summoners that have a special ability in order to call upon hero legends from various worlds of Fire Emblems to come and save the kingdoms of Askran from the destructions. So simply download and join the never-ending challenges of the game.

It is a mind game so you will need to think properly before attacking the enemies, you can also evaluate the map as you battle hard, lead your army teams with an easy touch and drag the controls.

Find opportunities to attack the enemies by just simply swiping an ally upon the enemy.  You can easily download the game from Google Play Store for free absolutely on your Android devices. You will find the game very interesting and for all those who love battles and challenges can especially go for this awesome game and explore.

Clash of Clans:

lash of Clans is one of the best online battle games that was first launched in 2012. The game COC gain a huge popularity soon after it’s launched and proudly announces over the five million and five-star reviews on the Google Play store.

You can download it for free absolutely in Google play store of your Android devices. The game has a beautiful user interface that is very easy for anyone to understand and manage to control the game, from the rage-filled barbarians and with glorious mustaches to the pyromaniac wizards, so now you can easily raise your own army for leading your clan to victory.

top 10 android games


However, all you need to do is build your own village to fend off the raiders, and get ready for the battles against the multiples of players whole worldwide, to destroy the enemies forge the most powerful clan with some others.

Although this game is available for free in Google play store yet some of the game items or features are available for premium versions which you need to purchase for real money.

Ignore if you don’t want this features by setting up password protection for simply purchasing it in Play store for free of cost. Also most importantly according to the terms and condition, you must be at least 13+ of age to download and experience this game.

There are multiples of features in Clash of Clans such as it enables you to build a village in an unbeatable fortress, raise your mighty fighters like Archers, an army of Barbarians, Dragons, Hog Riders and many others.

You can also battle with online players of worldwide and capture your trophies, fight against the most powerful Goblin King through the realm, also fight against the rival Clans in such an epic Clan Wars, to form an ultimate clan joins together with other players.

Download Clash of Clans for Free.

Pokémon Go:

Pokémon Go is one of the most famous and popular virtual reality game that launched the last year 2016. It is a very interesting game that gains huge popularity after it goes launched, most of the Smartphone users must have experienced this game since it is available for free absolutely for the Android and iOS users.

The game is very simple and easy having friendly user interface so all you need to do is travel the real world by using GPS devices connections on to explore the world of the Pokémon’s.

 Various Pokémon has been discovered on the earth planet such as Venusaur, Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and many others. So all you need to do is discover and capture the Pokémon’s around you as much as you can.  So once you have downloaded the game for free in Google Play Store simply wear your shoes and step out to explore the world of Pokémon’s.

top 10 android games

ou can join one to three teams of Pokémon go and battle hard for the prestige of ownership and gym. When you go out with the active GPS devices your Smartphone will ultimately vibrate when Pokémon is around.

So be alert and simply take an aim and throw the Poké ball on the Pokémon, remember to be alert else the Pokémon might get away. You might find Pokémon’s in any places such as water type like oceans, lakes, etc as well as it might also find in some interesting places like historical markers, art installations, museums, and monuments etc.

So simply stock up multiples of Poké balls and various other helpful items, if you are new to the game get downloaded right today from your Android devices of Google Play Store for free and enjoy exploring the awesome Pokémon reality game.

Subway Surfers: 

Subway Surfers is an endless running Android game among those top 10 Android games. The game has no age limit to play and even a small kid can easily experience it since it has got a friendly user interface that is very easy to understand and play.

The game has very interesting features that help every user to explore the game without any hassle. The concept of the game is very interesting and simple, as well as complicated, you need not perform any tough things as all you need to do is run endlessly at full speed in order to escape yourself from the evil policeman and his fierce-looking dog.

top 10 android games

However, Subway Surfer is available for free in Goole Play store for your Android devices, so simply download it for free and enjoy. There are many interesting features in this game mainly you can paint the powered of a jetpack, gives you an opportunity to experience the hoverboard surfing, provides colorful and Vivid graphics of HD. So simply experience this endless running Android game by downloading it in Google Play Store for your Android devices and escape from the grumpy police and his fierce annoying dogs. It is glad to announce that the game is ranking 4.5 stars in Google store.

So simply experience this endless running Android game by downloading it in Google Play Store for your Android devices and escape from the grumpy police and his fierce annoying dogs. It is glad to announce that the game is ranking 4.5 stars in Google store.

Asphalt 8 Airborne:

Racing is one of the most popular and common games among all the games provided for Smartphone. Before the launched of Smartphone’s some popular games such as racing games were available for PCs.

Asphalt 8Airbone is one of the most well known and trending Android game. And more than 200 millions of people from all across the world have already downloaded the game.

 The game is easily available for free in Google Play Store on your Android devices. It will need at least 1.8 GB of free memory space on your SD card for installing this game fully. This game will definitely please you to experience and explore awesome adventures. You will get such feeling like you are driving your real dream cars.

top 10 android games

You can choose or select any of your favorite dream cars before you start off your game such as McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bugatti, Audi, Chevrolet, Ford and many others with 140+ of official speed machines.

There are many other features such as stunning graphics where interactions between the environments, vehicles, and tracks seem fully experienced, among all you will feel like Arcade is the most awesome and thrilling experience of the game.

It is finest because you will feel the thrill while racing with the gravity defying more than the high speed of 40+. You can also customize and upgrade your game rides with over 2,300 decals and take down your opponents with stylish moves. You can also challenge with 5 modes of unique games, it is truly a real-time action multiplayer game.  You will simply love this game if you are a real gamer.

Candy Crush Saga:

Explore the sweet adventure of Candy Kingdom by joining Tiffi and Mr. Toffee. One of the most interesting games from the maker of farm heroes saga and candy crush soda saga. You must have come across most of your friend enjoying and exploring playing this amazing game.

so if you haven’t experienced it yet then simply download it today in Google play store for free absolutely and enjoy it. This is one of the sweetest games and gets sweeter the more and more you continue playing. The game has a beautiful user interface and has no age limit to experience this game.

top 10 android games

Enjoy traveling through the magical lands, visit wondrous places and meet awesome delicious and kooky characters. While making your way through multiples of fun and exciting levels you can switch and match through the delicious puzzle adventures. You can either play alone or play with your friends so that you can see who score higher.

Candy Crush Saga is absolutely available for free in Google Play Store, however, some game items need to be purchased. It has tons of interesting features such as progress the sugar track to obtain awesome sweet surprises by collecting sugar drops, for achieving a delicious prize just spin the daily booster, meet sweetest characters by unwrapping the delicious environments and many others.

Temple Run2:

This is one of the most popular and trending game gaining huge popularity among the Smartphone users. You might have seen most of the people are busy with their own Smartphone while going out the streets playing various types of games among which this specific game of Temple Run 2 is very common especially the Android users.

The game is very simple and easy having got a simple user interface that ultimately even small kids will know how to play and most importantly it doesn’t have an age limit to experience this game. Well if you are a new gamer thinking of experiencing an interesting Android game than I would particularly suggest you this game as it is very simple and interesting.

top 10 android games

The game, however, is all about escaping from the mysterious temples as the huge fierce looking monkey will be chasing after you endlessly. You will get an opportunity to earn bonuses along with obstacles like hanging rope, trolley and much other more.

So simply run full force by collecting coins, bonuses, and all the mystery boxes that you get in your way while running for life. The new version of Temple Run 2 is very different from the old versions although some concepts are still similar.

You will also notice that the graphics of the latest Temple run 2 has become more colorful and beautiful better than the old version. The developer also added lots of amazing and cool features such as now the achievements are unlimited so you can get more opportunities to grab and win more coins, bonuses, mystery boxes and much more, the developer has also increased the size of the monkey huge and much more bigger and fierce than the earlier. Simply download it from the largest app store of Google from your Android devices and enjoy playing every day to win amazing and exciting prizes.


This is one of the most popular and awesome action games of the year that just launched last 2016. Battle, craft, and quest your own way through this awesome game of Crashlands. The game is rating 4.8 stars in Google Play Store and is available for free absolutely.

t is a very interesting game with simple and friendly user interfaces, so all you need to do is download it for free and explore the world as well as learn its secrets as you unlock over 500 items of craftables.

top 10 android games

However, the game is very awesome and you will love it at the first attempt. Explore the game and become more powerful by creating amazing items, you can also venture new regions of the world when you grow more strong and powerful, meet strange characters and discover latest stories, so simply download the game and encounter interesting and new enemies.

You should, first of all, know the techniques and skills of attacking your enemies that you encounter, used multiples of gadgets to battle your enemies and set them on fire, slow down time, stun them and much more. You can also create beautiful bases of sprawling within a minute.

Usually building a base in the game of Crashlands is so simple and easy like painting fingers. In any cases like dropping of devices, or battery when off suddenly is not the end of the game as you can easily store back and retrieve your save of games from the cloud and continue the games without any complications till you successfully win the game.

Shadow Fight 2:

This game has gained a huge popularity soon after it’s launched for the Android devices and more than 40 millions of peoples from all across the world have already downloaded the game.

The shadow fight 2 is all about classical and RPG fighting. It enables you to equip your character by using countless lethal of weapons and sets of rare armor, it also features multiples of lifelike such as animated martial arts and techniques, humiliates demon bosses, Crushes your enemies, tries to be the person that closes the gate of shadows.

top 10 android games

However, to achieve the victory you have to punch, kick, slash, jump and many others. Attack and destroy your enemies by intuitive controls. So an epic battles in an underworld are available to battle with anyone, you can also unite with friends and enjoy the battles, Shadow Fight 2 is available in the biggest Google play Store for free absolutely, all you need to do is download it and installed for experiencing the great battle games of Shadow Fight 2.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft:

Experience the most fun and exciting games of Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft which is intense of collecting cards and combat games for the Android. Hearthstone has a friendly user interface that is very simple and easy to control and play the games without any complications. Most of the hardcore gamers loved to explore the fun of this specific game.

top 10 android games

For those who loves the battles and conflicts with other online gamers can particularly go for this specific games as you can easily challenge and beat any other online gamer since Hearthstone has built up the desks with multiples of cards.

So you can do whatever you like such as you can summon minions, cast a powerful spell, and use certain class for specific abilities to control the scenarios of battles and much more.

Hearthstone features with lots of interesting introductory missions so you would definitely love this game without being boring. Hearthstone heroes game is available for free absolutely in Google Play store for all the Android users.

Gaming is one of the best time past for everyone. Gaming is all about using your best techniques and skills to achieve the goal or target. So improves your skills of gaming by choosing the best top 10 Android games and enjoy exploring more funs and excitements. It is one of the latest and trendy games that just got released last 2016.

If you are hardcore gamers you must have tried lots of interesting games that has been mentioned above so far. However, if you are a newbie you can still just get started with the most exciting and thrilling games that I have given for you the best top 10 Android games.

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