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Top 05 Bad Habits that Make You Fat – Weight Loss:

Increasing weight is the biggest problem for people. Some people strictly follow the diet chart to lose weight, do regular exercise and sleep on time, even then they do not lose weight. Have you ever thought about the reason why you are not losing weight after so many efforts? We tell you why you are not losing weight. There are some of your mistakes behind not losing weight after dieting and exercise, which is keeping you a victim of obesity. Let us know which mistakes you make every day that are preventing your fitness objective from being fulfilled.

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Lack of Vitamin D in the body: To fulfill the fitness objective, not only exercise and diet are necessary, but vitamin D is also necessary for the body. Most people do desk jobs, due to which they do not get a chance to be in the sun. Vitamin D deficiency makes you a victim of obesity. Due to lack of exposure to sunlight, the body’s circadian rhythm becomes uncontrolled and weight gain starts.

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Consuming Packaged Food: Some food products claim to be fat free and sugar free but they can harm your health. Consuming these foods can increase your obesity.

Skipping Breakfast: Some people have a habit that they are so engrossed in their work in the morning that they forget to have breakfast. Eat breakfast and food together, due to which their obesity starts increasing instead of decreasing.

Lack of protein in the diet: Protein diet is very effective in reducing weight. Consumption of milk, curd and eggs in the diet proves to be a milestone in reducing weight. If you also want to reduce weight, then consume protein in the diet. Protein diet boosts metabolism and reduces weight.

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Sitting in the office all day long: Most people do desk work and sit in a chair for a long time. Weight increases rapidly due to not keeping the body active. So every half hour, get up from your office chair and take a little walk.

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