Three Reasons to Have an Attorney on Your Side When Facing an Academic Hearing 

Three Reasons to Have an Attorney on Your Side When Facing an Academic Hearing 
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

Colleges and universities are expected to have proper procedures for dealing with complaints from students who believe they have been let down. These procedures include letting students appeal a university decision. Because the appeal process can determine a student’s future, this student must work with an experienced academic appeals lawyer

Whether you are accused of plagiarism or dishonesty or facing expulsion due to other reasons, you must take advantage of your chance to defend yourself. Usually, your only avenue of appeal is through your school’s internal process. Thus, you will be directly dealing with professors, academic appeal committees, governing council, and dean. The imbalance of power can make you feel frustrated.  An academic appeal that an attorney can properly draft can make a difference in your academic and professional future. The following are the main reasons you must bring an attorney to your academic and disciplinary hearing:

You Will be Questioned by a Panel

During the disciplinary appeal hearing, you will be questioned by a panel composed of professors, college staff, and students. The questions can become confrontational and damaging to you. A skilled education lawyer can support you during this hearing and defend you against inappropriate questions that panel members may ask. 

The Findings of the Hearing are Final

You cannot underestimate the hearing because the findings the panel will come up with can result in your expulsion or dismissal. Although you might be allowed to make a final appeal to the program’s dean, the dean may just uphold the decision of the panel. 

Your Lawyer Can Serve as Your Advisor

Although your school may not let you bring an attorney to your hearing, they can let you bring an adviser. Thus, your lawyer can advise you before the hearing. They will help you in creating your defense from day one. Also, they can prepare you for potential questions the panel may raise. They can do this either personally or over the phone, preparing, coaching, and working with you on your schedule even remotely. 

If you are facing possible dismissal from a college, you should consult with an attorney who has successfully defended academic and disciplinary charges right away. Remember that some strict time limitations to consider and your career is on the line. You should use your only chance to fight the charges filed against you. By having a legal representative, you can have the best appeal and hearing defense.

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