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Nowadays for Blogging purpose WordPress is mostly used software, more than millions of bloggers are using WordPress for their blogging websites, because of its easy to use features. You can easily install the WordPress Content Management Software on your own. However’ there is two easy way to install WordPress on Hosting Server. and you can choose any of the methods according to your skill set.

If you already have a hosting account or server you can proceed to the second method to install WordPress on Hosting Server. And if you don’t have one you can follow the first method.

Below is the list of methods that we are going to discuss here:

First, Using WordPress.com

Second, Using WordPress with Installatron and

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 Install WordPress On Hosting Server Using WordPress.com

install WordPress on Hosting Server


The First Methode is the easiest and hassles free if you don’t want to mess with some technical kinds of stuff wordpress.com will be the good choice for you.

WordPress is a hosted blogging solution operated by Automatic. the people behind the WordPress know what is necessary for blogger and that’s why they created this software to focus on blogging only.

You can easily able to use the WordPress within just a few seconds as they made it easy for everyone, By registering on wordpress.com. Simply go to the wordpress.com and click get started, after that, you’ll have to choose your domain and then put your basic details email and that’s it you are good to go,

Once you registered successfully you’ll have the access to your dashboard, where you can change your theme templates, customize the whole site according to your taste and preferences.

The whole process will not take more than 15 minutes. If you are new to the server and hosting and all those technical kinds of stuff which we are going to discuss below, it’s highly recommended for you to use the first method.

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Install WordPress On Hosting Server Using Installatron

The second method is possible only if you already have the hosting server, now there are thousands of hosting provider out there. you can choose any hosting provider. If you still didn’t bought your hosting server yet, I will recommend you to choose the blue host, Hostgator, or Godaddy.

In this method, we are going use the installatron to install the WordPress on hosting server. Inatallatron is an application software which is available on the Cpenal of hosting any account. Basically what it does is it install the available open source applications on sever. There are dozens of application available including WordPress which we are going to install.

Step 1. Once you have the access to your hosting server, go to the Cpanel of your server, and then click on the Installatron icon.

Install WordPress On Hosting Server

Step 2. As soon as you click on Installatron icon you’ll be redirected to a new window, where all the open source application will be shown, there you’ll have to look for the WordPress icon. Search and find the WordPress icon and click on the icon to go to the installation wizard.

Step 3. Now, this is an important step here you’ll have to choose a domain path where you want your blog to be. You can leave the domain as it is. or you can change the path form “WordPress” to “blog”. If you want you can also empty the path and all your files will available in the public folder.

Step 4. After that click next and agree to the terms and conditions, choose automatic Db setting etc.

Enter your desired username and password, your blog name and email.

Note: Keep a note of your username and password. You will need it to access your websites admin penal.

Click on the submit button, that’s it your new blog is ready.

Hope you find this guide helpful, If you have anything to query about the process that I have mentioned above you can always leave a comment below, I will be very happy to help you. Thank you for visiting.

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