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This Rusk Can Become A Risk For Your Health, You Will Not Even Know It Will…

Chai And Toast: Eating Rusk or toast with tea in the morning is one of our favorite pastimes. Without it, it is as if there is no morning. Some people are such that apart from the morning, they want toast along with tea every time they drink it. But do you know that this taste of your mouth can be very harmful for your health. According to dieticians and experts, eating toast with tea can increase the risk of many diseases, let’s know what are the disadvantages.

disadvantages of eating toast with tea

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Damage to heart health: Eating toast with tea is not at all right for heart health, as it increases the risk of all those diseases which can prove to be dangerous for the heart. Like high BP, being overweight, diabetes cholesterol etc.

Digestion: In most of the toast, either all purpose flour is used or semolina is mixed with very little amount of all purpose flour, it is not easy to digest, it increases weight and can also spoil digestion.

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Gut ulcers: If you regularly consume tea toast, then you may also have blisters in your intestine. This gas in the stomach can be formed due to poor digestion, indigestion, constipation and other problems.

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Risk of Diabetes: Refined sugar is used to bring sweetness in toast, which is very harmful for health. It contributes to increasing the blood sugar level, this can increase the problem of serious diseases like diabetes.

obesity: Eating toast with tea also increases obesity. Milk tea and toast increase belly fat. Due to obesity, the chances of getting sugar thyroid cancer diabetes skin related diseases increases. If you reduce its intake, you can get rid of other diseases including obesity.

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Weakness: We should start the morning by eating something nutritious so that we can get energy, there are no such qualities in rusk that we can get positive nutrition, it is just our stomach recruitment, we cannot feel any kind of energy by eating it. .

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