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This green leaf panacea in controlling uric acid the pain will disappear-…

If the level of uric acid becomes too high then that condition is called hyperuricemia. The increase in uric acid causes inflammation in various muscles of the body, which causes pain and this pain starts increasing, this can lead to a disease called arthritis which causes pain in the joints. It can also make blood and urine acidic.

Many problems start occurring due to the increase in uric acid. Pain in the toes-joints, the pain of arthritis becomes unbearable. Experts say that to control uric acid, along with controlled diet and regular exercise, it is necessary to take medicines prescribed by the doctor, as well as keep a close watch on the symptoms. Doctors say that many times we ignore many symptoms of uric acid, which can later lead to serious problems like kidney stones.

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Do not ignore these symptoms

According to doctors, due to the increase in uric acid, stiffness in the knees and feet starts to be felt. Sometimes it is difficult to even bend the legs. Apart from this, there is swelling in the toes. Sometimes the paws turn red. These symptoms should never be ignored.

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what is uric acid increase reason of?

According to doctors, one of the biggest reasons for increasing uric acid is such a diet in which the amount of purine is high. Such as foods high in sugar, alcohol, etc. One should immediately stay away from such food. Apart from this, regular exercise should be done. If you are overweight, then focus on controlling your weight. Take less stress, include more and more fiber-rich food in the diet.

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According to a recent research, if you include regular betel leaves in your diet, then uric acid can be controlled. In this research, some rats were given an extract of betel leaf, which reduced their uric acid level. Earlier the level was 8.09mg/dl, it was reduced to 2.02mg/dl. This indicates how betel leaf is helpful in reducing uric acid.

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