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These Vitamins Good For Women Health

Women’s Health: The structure of the body of women and men is different. In such a situation, their body responds in different ways in different cases. Women do not pay more attention to their bodies than men. Due to this, there is a deficiency of many types of vitamins in their body. In such a situation, the body of women starts demanding nutrients in many ways, due to which they start having many problems. In such a situation, it is important to know which vitamins are necessary for women?

essential vitamins for women

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Vitamin A is essential

Menopause begins in women between the ages of 40 and 45. Due to this many changes are seen in their body. In such a situation, their body needs a lot of vitamin A. So that the problems arising in this situation can be removed. For its fulfillment in the body, eat foods like carrots, spinach, pumpkin seeds and papaya.

Vitamin B9 is beneficial

During pregnancy, women need a lot of vitamin B9 i.e. folic acid. At this stage, due to the lack of these nutrients in the body, there may be a problem of birth defects in babies. Apart from this, there is also a risk of miscarriage. Therefore, to fulfill this, include things like grains, yeast, beans in your diet.

supply vitamin d

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Vitamin D is essential for strong bones. Especially with increasing age, the bones of women also start weakening. In such a situation, along with calcium, it is also necessary to supply vitamin D in the body. For this, sit in the sun for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. Apart from this, include things like milk, mushrooms, cheese, fatty fish in your diet.

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