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These Home Remedies Can Help You To Remove Tan From Your Foot

Foot Skin Care Tips: It is true that in summer we protect our skin, hair and hands, but we lose the beauty of our feet. If seen, the feet are one of those parts of our body, which are most exposed to sunlight and dust. Even knowing this, we do not take care of them. The result of carelessness towards the feet is that the marks of slippers and sandals are formed on the feet, which look very bad. To avoid them, it is necessary that special care should be taken of them, how is that? Let’s find out-

  • Wear shoes while leaving the house so that your feet are protected from the sun and dust.
  • If you are wearing slippers and sandals, then definitely wear cotton socks.
  • Use scrubbing to clean off the dirt of the feet.
  • To protect the feet from the sun, apply sunscreen on the feet while going out of the house.
  • Whenever you come home from outside, wash your feet thoroughly and apply foot cream.
  • Mix two spoons of rose water in cucumber paste and apply it on the stained area. When it dries, wash it off.
  • Apply lemon juice in cotton and apply it on the scar. Do this every other day. The stains gradually subside.
  • Apply aloe vera gel on the footprints, wash the feet after 20 minutes.

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