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these 5 summer vegetable can increase uric acid,avoid in your diet-Uric…

If there is pain in your joints, there are complaints of pain in the toes, ankles and knees, then be careful. All these symptoms are due to increased uric acid in the body. The increase in uric acid is the result of poor diet and poor lifestyle. An increase in the amount of purines in the diet leads to an increase in the level of uric acid in the body. According to health experts, uric acid increases in the body due to excessive consumption of food, obesity, diabetes, medicines and alcohol.

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Uric acid is formed in the body of all of us, which is filtered by the kidneys and expels them from the body. The formation of uric acid is not a problem, its not coming out of the body can make you sick. As uric acid increases, it starts accumulating in the form of crystals in the joints and causes pain in the hands and feet.

To control uric acid, it is very important to take care of diet. Vegetables are an important part of our diet, but you know that consuming some vegetables in summer can increase the level of uric acid. Let us know which 5 summer vegetables can increase uric acid.

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Avoid Mushrooms: We all like to eat mushrooms, but people who have more uric acid should avoid mushrooms. Mushrooms have high amounts of purines, due to which the level of uric acid in the body starts increasing. Rising uric acid causes joint pain.

Cabbage can increase uric acid: We consume Cabbage in the form of salad and as a vegetable. Cabbage enhances the taste of our food but it can make uric acid patients sick. Consuming it increases the level of uric acid rapidly.

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Do not consume spinach even after forgetting: If uric acid is increased, then do not forget to consume spinach. Spinach can increase the level of uric acid, due to which you will have to face pain in the joints and hands and feet.

Arabic: Arbi is such a vegetable found in summer which looks very fun to eat. The intake of arbi can increase the difficulty for patients with uric acid. Arbi should not be consumed by gout patients. Arbi can increase joint pain.

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Avoid Bhindi: Uric acid is a waste product found in the blood. It is made when the body breaks down chemicals called purines. Bhindi is one of the purine-rich foods, due to which the level of uric acid increases rapidly. Bhindi is a juicy vegetable, which produces acid in the body, which increases the level of uric acid in the body.

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