Tuesday, March 28, 2023

…then that means you are drinking plastic with your coffee!

Are you also a coffee lover and start the day with coffee? Is it not that you are drinking plastic along with coffee. If you are drinking your favorite hot beverage in ceramic, glass and metal cups then it will not be much of a problem, but if you drink in disposable cups then it can prove to be dangerous for you.

Drinking coffee in disposable cups is dangerous for you, because the plastic layer inside them can make it difficult for you. Actually, keeping hot liquid in the cup for 15 minutes, the disposable paper cup releases more than a thousand small plastic, which is very dangerous. If someone drinks coffee in a paper cup more than three times a day, he is swallowing up to 75,000 of those tiny microplastics.    

Is plastic dangerous?

Plastic is being considered dangerous for humans and the environment in many ways. The use of paper cups for coffee, soup and tea is also being said to be the most worrying. Drinking hot tea or coffee in a disposable cup causes infertility and intestinal problems. Recently, citing IIT Kharagpur, it has been said that they put paper cups in hot water, then they found that in 15 minutes after mixing with hot liquid, more than 25,000 small plastic particles, dangerous ions and huge amounts of disposable paper were released from the disposable paper. I started getting metal. 

After this, ions like lead, fluoride, chloride and sulphide and toxic metals lead, chlorine, cadmium and arsenic were also found in the water. It is being said in the research that if a man drinks three cups of coffee or tea daily in a paper cup, then he is swallowing up to 75,000 small microplastics. Talking about the danger of disposal cups, it is being said that it can cause cancer. 

The right way to drink coffee 

To avoid a lot of microparticles with your coffee drink, buy a reusable  silicone or glass cup. They are beneficial for both you and the planet.

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