The Ultimate Guide To Pack Your Bedroom For Moving!!!

The Ultimate Guide To Pack Your Bedroom For Moving
Written by Paresh Bramhane

A bedroom is one of the most important parts of a home which contains not just the mandatory items but also a lot of personal items. When it comes to moving home, packing your bedroom is one of the first tasks that you should start. It takes more time than it seems. Not to mention, all the wardrobes and closets are filled with lots of items. As per the expert long distance movers at pricingvanlines.com, depending on your bedroom size and other things, the number of items could be higher or lesser. 

It is quite a daunting task because there are a lot of small items present in a bedroom. Do you know you will find a lot of items in your bedroom which you don’t even remember that you posses?  So, start process earlier. 

Check out this ultimate guide: 

Purge out the items

It is the appropriate time to go through all your possessions and to decide which items you want to carry with you to your new house and which items you want to leave behind. Go through your wardrobe and take out those clothes, footwear, or any other accessories, which you have not worn for a long time or which do not fit you anymore. Also, take out broken or unused clothing hangers. After sorting these unwanted items, you need to dispose of them. You can sell these items like trash or can donate them to a non-profit government organization. Donation is a great choice only when things are in good condition. 

Collect packing material:

After sorting out the stuff and disposing of the unwanted stuff, now you will have a clear idea of the size of belongings you want to carry, and hence, it is easier to know how much packing material you will need to pack your possessions. You need to get those packing supplies which can protect your stuff when transporting them to a new place. Get different sizes and types of cardboard boxes such as medium-sized, large or extra-large, wardrobe boxes, picture boxes, etc, to fit in the entire bedroom stuff. You can use newspapers or bubble wraps for proper packing.

Pack all your belongings:

Now, you have enough packing supplies, so start packing your stuff as soon as possible. First, go for those items that you or your family will not be used until the actual moving day and save those items for the last which are used on the daily basis. After packing items into a box, make sure that you label them properly. Also, pack the essential items needed on the moving day such as clothing, medication, toiletries, etc if any of these are present in your bedroom.

Order of packing

To make the packing process hassle-free, you can follow the following order of boxing to make the process efficient and smooth-

  1. Wardrobe: The easiest way to pack your clothing is to place them in wardrobe boxes having metal hangers in them. Leave the clothing to keep in the drawers and remove these drawers from the dresser and then pack the entire drawers as it is packed with the items. It makes packing, unpacking, and organization easier. All the wardrobes contain some t-shirts and you can use these t-shirts as padding to transport the fragile items. 
  2. Furniture: Cover your furniture items with bubble wrap to avoid any scratches. Disassemble the heavy furniture items so that they can easily be lifted and loaded in the moving truck. Carefully cover all the furniture surfaces with paper, bubble wrap, and so on so that during transportation the items can be kept safe. You can take the help of the moving professionals for proper packing of the furniture items present in your bedroom.   
  3. Jewel and other accessories: Sort out the accessories in different categories. Like pack all the expensive items separate in a bag like jewel and carry these with you instead of loading these into moving truck. 
  4. Bed and bedding: Start packing with the extra bedding materials like blankets, bedsheets, and so on before your move. It is recommended you pack the linen items into suitcases or bags so that they do not get dirtier during transportation. Remove any sheets, blankets, or pillows and pack these with ease. Before you pack the beddings, you should wash and dry these items before packing. 
  5. Treasured items: If there are fragile items present then you should carefully wrap the items with proper techniques and by using padding. Use the bubble paper and wrap the delicate items in a good manner. Fragile items like mirrors and photo frames should be kept in corrugated boxes. 
  6. Other items: There are also some other items such as books, photos, media, and other household items present in your bedroom. 

Bottom line:

It is recommended you start the process of packing earlier and use all the above moving tips to pack the entire stuff of your bedroom effectively and efficiently. 

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