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Biography of Tejasvi Surya, Birth, Education, Wife

Hello friends, friends, in today’s article we are going to talk about Bharatiya Janata Party MPs. “stunning sun” About this. Friends, you must have heard or read about Tejasvi Surya through TV, newspapers and magazines. Tejasvi Surya Apart from being a popular and active young parliamentarian leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, he is also a strong advocate. BJP has made Tejashwi the national president of the party’s Yuva Morcha unit. Tejashwi Surya holds the record for becoming the youngest member of the Indian Parliament at the age of 29. In the next article, you will get information related to Tejashwi Surya’s education, politics, achievement etc. Please do read the article till the end.

Biography of Tejasvi Surya

serial number related to article Article related information
1 name Surya Shri L. s. Majestic
2 father’s name Shri Suryanarayan L. A.
3 mother’s name श्रीमती राम सूर्यनारायण
4 date of birth 16 November 1990
5 birth place Chikkamagaluru,
Bangalore (Karnataka)
6 educational qualification BA, LLB
7 educational institution Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore
8 profession lawyer
9 marital status Single
10 permanent address No 381, 1st Main Road, Near Vivekananda Park, Girinagar, 1st Floor,
Bangalore-560085, Karnataka
11 current address 40, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi – 110001
Telephone : (011) 23311226
12 constituency बंगलौर दक्षिण (कर्नाटक)
13 related party भारतीय जनता पार्टी (भाजपा)
14 contact phone number (080) 26651166, 09916836964, 09964453032
15 official email id

Tejashwi Surya took over

serial number Post related dates Authorized posts and their departments
1 May 2019 बंगलौर दक्षिण (कर्नाटक) Tejashwi Surya was elected to the 17th Lok Sabha by defeating his rival leader BK Hariprasad by more than one lakh votes from the Lok Sabha seat of U.K.
2 13 September 2019 Sanctioned charge as Member, Standing Committee on Communications and Information Technology
3 16 September 2019 Member, Member, Joint Committee on Offices of Profit
4 11 December 2019 Member, Joint Committee on Data Protection Bill, 2019
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Finance Related Posts

Some facts related to Tejasvi Surya

  • Tejashwi Surya established a foundation under the Arise India Movement in 2008 which raises the issues of education of the children of laborers and works for the education of poor children. For the awareness of education, many rallies were taken out by the foundation, in which many political leaders participated.
  • Tejashwi Surya, during his BA studies, actively participated in the programs of Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad in his college Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, which was the beginning of his political journey.
  • Tejashwi Surya played the role of a prominent campaigner in the general elections for his party BJP in 2014.
  • Tejashwi Surya had a huge contribution in making his party’s Mangalore Chalo rally organized in 2017 a success.
  • Tejashwi campaigned a lot for the BJP in the 2018 Karnataka Assembly elections.
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Literary, Artistic and Scientific Achievements of Tejashwi Surya

  • As a regular contributor to online publications and newspapers such as Swarajya, Bharat Facts and Kannada Prabha, wrote several articles on constitutional law, culture, tourism, urban mobility and other topics related to ease of living of citizens.

countries visited

  • BJP leader Tejashwi Surya has traveled extensively in many countries in his political career.

Sports and Clubs

  • Tejasvi Surya loves to play badminton. Surya also keeps running for his fitness as an amateur. Surya also likes to do swimming sometimes.

Tejasvi Surya’s interests

  • Tejashwi Surya considers himself an ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda
  • He has great interest in reading and learning about Dr.B R Ambedkar and Veer Savarkar, History, Religion and Spirituality.
  • Surya holds a core belief in Hinduism, the inclusive philosophy that has been native to India since its ancient times. Surya has a keen interest in all these subjects.
  • Tejasvi Surya also has a keen interest in the study of history, philosophy, science and civilization.

Music & Entertainment

  • Tejasvi Surya is trained in Carnatic music and continues to participate in Hindustani concerts.
  • Tejasvi Surya spends most of his free time studying about the history of India, modern times and the technological challenges facing the country.
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Works by Tejasvi Surya

  • Tejasvi Surya launched the Bengaluru South Education and Social Transformation Project.
  • Having been a vocal supporter for a special law for Bengaluru, he has also expressed concern over the current one-year term for the mayor and suggested that the term of the mayor should be at least 3-5 years.
  • Helped the homeless people in Bangalore by getting them houses under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Controversy related to Tejashwi Surya

  • Tejashwi Surya is known for his nationalist and Hindutva image, many times legal action has been taken against Surya for giving speeches against other religions in his campaign rallies.
  • In his speeches, Tejasvi Surya has been surrounded by controversies by raising the issue of homecoming of Hindus very strongly.
  • When the central government had talked about implementing the NRC law in the whole country, there were a lot of demonstrations against it in Delhi, Surya said in his statement against the demonstration that only ‘puncture makers’ oppose the law. This statement was a matter of great controversy for him. And tweeting against this demonstration, Tejashwi Surya wrote that Mughal rule has come in the country.
  • Similarly, during the time of Corona Kovid-19, a video of a hospital went viral on social media in which Surya was seen making objectionable statements against Muslim religion. After the video went viral, he was arrested by the police. Legal action was taken against Surya.

Few questions related to Tejasvi Surya

Which is the Lok Sabha seat of Tejashwi Surya?

Tejasvi Surya is an MP from the Bangalore South Lok Sabha seat in the state of Karnataka.

What are the controversies related to Tejashwi Surya?

We have told you in the article about the controversies related to Surya, you can read about them in the article.

What is Tejasvi Surya’s full name?

The full name of Tejashwi Surya is Lakshya Suryanarayan Tejashwi.

By how many votes Tejashwi Surya defeated his rival leader BK Hariprasad?

Tejashwi Surya registered his victory by defeating his rival leader BK Hariprasad by more than one lakh votes and was elected a member of 17th Lok Sabha.

What is the official website of Parliament of India Lok Sabha?

The official website of Lok Sabha is

Hope you liked this article about our BJP politician Tejashwi Surya. If you have any doubt related to the article, then you can ask us in the comment box, we will try our best to answer your questions. Thank you very much for reading the article completely.



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