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Tej Pratap adamant on divorce from Aishwarya Patna Zoo for the last…

The counseling of Aishwarya Rai, daughter-in-law of Tej Pratap Yadav, elder son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, was held in Patna High Court on Tuesday. Both had reached the High Court in the matter of divorce. The court advised both to find a way out by mutual consent. Justice Ashutosh Kumar and Justice Jitendra Kumar heard both the sides in the chamber. Aishwarya said- I have no problem living with my in-laws.

On the other hand, Tej Pratap said – I do not want to live together. Aishwarya’s father Chandrika Rai and Tej Pratap’s mother Rabri Devi were also present in the court. Justice Ashutosh Kumar persuaded the two to live together. However, there was no agreement between the two. Senior advocate Pushkar Narayan Shahi, advocate Nilanjan Chatterjee and advocate Jagannath Singh were present for Tej Pratap. The next hearing of the case will be on July 19.

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Advocate Jagannath Singh told that the court heard both the sides in detail. The court told both the parties that before reaching any decision, we want you to sit with your lawyers and find a way out with mutual consent. If this happens then it will be very good otherwise decision will be taken as per provision in law.

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The lawyer said that the court has asked Aishwarya’s lawyer Pushkar Narayan Shahi and their parents to sit at some other place and discuss all the possibilities and apprise the court of whatever is the solution. Jagannath Singh said that on July 4, Chandrika Rai and Rabri Devi would try to settle down by mutual consent by sitting in the guest house of Patna Zoo at 6 pm.

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After about 45 minutes of counseling, both Tej Pratap came out of the court. But he was seen avoiding the media. They left the court in separate cars without talking to the media. Both were married on 12 May 2018. After a few months, Tej Pratap filed for divorce in the family court of Patna.

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