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Tea With Snack: Side Effects Of Drinking Tea With Namkeen Never Combine…

Foods to NOT Eat With Tea Ever: If you too are fond of eating salty food with tea, then this news is for you only. Here we will tell you what can be the side effects of eating salty snack with tea. By the way, whether it is evening tea or breakfast in every house, people definitely like to eat salty food together. Do you know how much harm this habit can cause to your health? Let us introduce you to these disadvantages of health.

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The problem of torsion occurs in the stomach
Eating salty things with milk products can harm your health. Refined carbs are present in salty things. Which takes time to digest and the consumption of tea with it causes the problem of torsion in the stomach.

The problem of acidity becomes
Nuts are also added to many salty snacks and nuts should not be consumed with tea. Consumption of tea with salty nuts causes acidity in the stomach.

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digestive problems
Eating sour and sweet things with tea causes indigestion and gas problems in the stomach. Therefore, do not forget to eat sweet and sour things along with salty with tea, it can harm your health.

Digestive system can be bad
Avoid eating turmeric salty with tea. This increases the problem of digestive system getting worse.

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Pain can arise in stomach
Eating things made of gram flour with tea like mathri, sev etc. can cause stomach ache. Therefore, avoid the consumption of these things as much as possible.

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