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Tata Group Stock Tata Elxsi Share Return 655 Times After Bonus 1 Lakh…

Tata Elxsi Share Price 2022: Tata Elxsi of Tata Group has given tremendous profits to its investors. After the Corona Pandemic, the share price of Tata Alexi has increased from Rs 640 to Rs 8,840 per level since April 2020. In about two and a half years, this stock has given a stock return of about 1300 percent to its shareholders.

Tremendous returns in the long term
This IT stock has given excellent returns to its shareholders over a long period as well. Since September 1995 till date, this stock of Tata group has increased from about Rs 13.50 to Rs 8,840 per level. That is, it has given a return of 65,380 percent in 27 years. Bonus share has been a major contributor to this. This multibagger IT stock has given 1:1 bonus share in September 2017, thereby doubling the shareholding of the long term investor.

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View History of Tata Alexi
In the last 1 month, this multibagger IT stock base has gone through the building phase. In this period, with a fall of about 10 percent, it has slipped from about Rs 9,860 to Rs 8,840 level. In the last 6 months, the share of Tata Group has increased from about Rs 7,600 to Rs 8,840 per share level. An increase of about 16 percent has been registered during this period. After this, this IT stock has increased from about Rs 5,900 to Rs 8,840 level. That is, it has increased to 50 percent.

50% return in 1 year
In the last 1 year, the share price of Tata Alexi has risen from around Rs 5,850 to Rs 8,840, giving nearly 50 per cent return to its shareholders. The shares of Tata Elxsi have risen from around Rs 815 to Rs 8,840 in the last 5 years, registering a return of around 1,000 per cent in this period. In the last 27 years this multibagger IT stock has grown from a level of around Rs 13.50 to Rs 8,840 per level, thereby adding about 655 times to the shareholders’ money.

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Think investment like this
According to Tata Alexi’s Share Price History, if an investor would have invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock 27 years ago and maintain the investment in this multibagger IT stock during this period, then he would be getting what he is today. There are millionaires on dates. You understand that, 27 years ago, an investor invested Rs 1 lakh in this counter at Rs 13.50 per share. He gets 7,407 shares of the company. The company had given 1:1 bonus shares in September 2017, its shareholding would have been 14,814 (7,407 x 2). The Tata group company had given 1 bonus share for every share held by the investor. In such a situation, he makes a profit of Rs 13.09 crore.

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these are investments
The share price of Tata Elxsi today is Rs 8,840. If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this multibagger stock 27 years ago, then his Rs 1 lakh would have become Rs 13.09 crore (8,840 x 14,814) today.

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