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Taiwan Offbeat News Parrot Attack On Doctor Parrot Owner Fined For 74 Lakh…

Parrot Owner Fined ₹ 74 Lakh After Bird Injures Doctor: Parrot keeping is common. In India you will find many people who keep parrots. It is also very cheap to keep it, but a person in Taiwan has found it very expensive to keep a parrot. According to media reports, a pet parrot injured a doctor in Taiwan. After this incident, the local administration has imposed a fine of about Rs 74 lakh on the parrot owner and also sentenced the owner to jail for two months.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the parrot suddenly attacked Dr. Lin, causing him to fall and his pelvis bone was broken while the hip bone was dislocated.

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The parrot attacked the doctor while jogging

Dr. Lin told during the hearing of the case in the court that he was jogging on the day of the incident. Meanwhile, that person came to him with a parrot. That parrot suddenly attacked him, after which he got injured. He filed a court case against the parrot owner, Huang, seeking compensation for his financial loss.

Doctor told the court, stayed at home for 6 months after the injury

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The victim’s doctor told the court that he spent a week in the hospital after the injury. After this, special care was required for three months and then due to recovery, he was unable to work for six months. The doctor further said that he is a plastic surgeon and he has to stand for long hours to perform the surgery. Due to injury, he is not able to do this work. In such a situation, he has suffered a huge financial loss.

The judge agreed that the accident happened due to the negligence of the parrot owner.

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The Tainan District Court judge, after hearing arguments from both sides, concluded that Huang’s negligence caused Dr. Lin to fall and suffer so much. After this, along with imposing a fine of Rs 74 lakh on the parrot owner, the judge also sentenced him to two months in jail. Huang said he accepts the court’s decision but now plans to appeal to a higher court.

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