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Summer Party Disadvantages: Avoid the party in the summer season, otherwise it may be to your health…

Summer Party Disadvantages: People often like to hang out in a cool place during the summer season, but many times when people are not able to go out for a walk, then it is right to party at some place of their choice. understand. If the party is done in winter or any other season, then it is good, but partying in the summer season can be overwhelming. In fact, in summer, there are problems of dehydration, indigestion problem and skin tanning due to sun. Ignoring all these problems, if you party in summer, then it can spoil the fun of your party. Therefore, partying should be avoided in the summer season. So let’s know about the disadvantages of party in summer-

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Alcohol in party can increase blood pressure

People often consume alcohol in the party, but in summer, the problem of high blood pressure can be due to the consumption of alcohol. Actually, the consumption of alcohol dilates the blood vessels, due to which the blood pressure increases towards the surface of the skin. This is the reason why one feels hot after drinking alcohol. In the summer season, high blood pressure and increased body temperature due to alcohol consumption can be harmful to health. Therefore, partying in the summer season and the consumption of alcohol especially in the party should be avoided.

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Overeating in the party can worsen digestion

Partying in the summer season should also be avoided because there is often overeating with friends in the party. This problem of overeating can be very harmful for health. Health experts say that due to overeating, not only does digestion get worse, but it can also worsen diabetes, obesity, heart disease and brain function. Therefore, to avoid all these problems, partying in summer should be avoided.

Heavy makeup can cause skin allergy

Going to a party and women do not put on makeup, how can this happen but heavy makeup done for going to the party can increase the skin related problems. Actually, due to the use of heavy makeup in the summer season, the rash comes out on the face. Along with this, there is also the problem of itching, due to which rashes and marks are formed on the skin. Skin care experts also forbid the use of heavy creams in summer, as it loses the natural glow and moisture of the skin.

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