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Even in this era of science and technology, Streaming Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies and Downloading HD Quality videos isn’t available abundantly. The fact is most of the issues are related to copyrights and piracy. You may have noticed that those movie streaming and downloading websites keeps on changing their domains.

And in this post I am going to share with you the top movie streaming websites where you can stream and watch latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free.

Movies are one of my favorite entertainment pill, I love to watch movies when I have free time, and I guess for lots of you as well.

Although, I personally don’t support piracy and copyrights, but what to do we can’t deny the fact. After all, who don’t want  to watch latest movies if they can get it for free. Not to mention, in real its not free actually, they get paid for advertisement’s. We’ll discuss about this matter more briefly but first lets list our top websites for Streaming Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Download HD Quality.

Streaming Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Download HD Quality

There are many websites which provides us with the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Some of them are genuine and but most of the genuine sites have some kind of membership for which we need to pay some amount. But be careful, not all of them are legit, and might cause you loses. Some of them look 100% genuine and legit though, scammers always looks genuine.

If you can use the google search engine well, if you know how to use the search engine effectively then you don’t need any memberships and paid streaming services, as there are tons of free sources available. The only thing you have to do is type the keyword on the google search engine and hit enter.


Fmovies is one of the most popular website for streaming and downloading movies. The best thing about Fmovies is that you can directly watch movies without having to create any account. Whenever new movies released on theaters there is almost 99% chance that it will hosted in Fmovies withing the period of 24-48 hours.

Besides latest movies you can also watch series and other Netflix shows. And the best part is all the videos are of HD quality. The website is also light weight and easy to navigate. Any Novice internet user can easily browse through out the website. However, sometime due to advertisements it is really annoying and confusing.

The only annoying part is pop-up click advertisements. As soon as we click on the play button a pop-up advertisement will open in the new window. But the video won’t be playing after single click on the play button. Don’t worry it is just that there are more advertisements before the play button is clicked. Generally, there would be 3 to 5 advertisements.

Fmovies domain are continuously changing, so even if you see different extensions don’t worry they are all same. Currently Fmovies.top, fmovie.to fmovies.gallary is running.

Sometime you might get error prompt notification in your browser once you visit on these websites. It is because these websites are banned in some country. Fmovies is also banned in India but don’t worry with the help of free VPN you can easily access this website.

123 Movies:

123 Movies is another best website to watch latest movies and series for free. Just like the Fmovies it also provides us with latest and popular series to watch online streaming. As well as for downloading also.

9x Movies:

9xMovies is also another top Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movie downloading and streaming website from where you can easily watch the latest released Tv shows and series. This website has been along with Tamil rockers were the most popular website across the country for pirated videos. Recently, they are banned and you need to use VPN extensions if you are on desktop and application on Android devices to access the website from India.

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Bolly4u is another one of the most popular Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies downloading website. This website is specially made for downloading and not for streaming, you can’t watch the movies online but you can directly download the movies in your device. Bolly4u provides lots of good features for example if you want to download movies in the lower size, just select the file size and click download. It gives you the flexibility to select the file size according to your data connection plan and the strength of your network. But, just like the other website mentioned here, this one also needs to be accessed through a VPN. Among all the other websites for downloading Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi bolly4u is better for downloading.

How To Unblock Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Websites?

To Unblock Fmovies, you need to change the country in your VPN application. Change the country to USA, or UK or any other where Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies sites are not banned.

Fmovies Unblock On Desktop Browser

If you are browsing from Laptop, or desktop, I will recommend you to use chrome browser or Firefox. Both of the browser are good as they provide extensions. You have to install extensions in your browser in order to access the sites. There are many free VPN extensions available.

One of my favorite extension is Touch VPN. If you don’t know how to install the extensions? Follow the steps given below.

If you are on chrome browser. First, click on the burger menu icon, located on the top right corner, just below the x(close) icon. It is the three dots aligned horizontally.

Once you click there, a menu will open, there you’ll see the settings option, click on the settings. After that a new window will open.

Now, locate the extensions option, usually it will be on the bottom left corner. Click on the extensions, you’ll find that in a new window all your installed extensions.

After that, you have to click on the burger menu icon, this time it will be on the top left corner, three horizontal line just like any other menu icon. Click on there and a slide will open from the left side. At bottom of the slide you’ll see an option to open the chrome web store, click on it.

Now you have to search the Touch VPN, to search the Touch VPN type in the keywords on the search field and hit enter. There you have your VPN, click install. That’s it.

Alternatively, you can also install the VPN directly using the google search engine, to do that just go to google search engine and type the Touch VPN Chrome extensions.

Fmovies Unblock On Android Devices

Now to unblock Fmovies On Android Devices, you have to Install an VPN application from Google Playstore. There are many VPN application available for android devices. You can use Turbo VPN, Touch VPN etc.

You can unblock all the other Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies websites using the same tricks as mentioned above.

How Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Websites Works?

All these Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies Websites doesn’t actually hosts pirated videos. All the movies, series and videos are hosted on another server. So, we can say actually it is safe to use the websites mentioned here.

For example, “Open Load” is one of the popular video hosting service which let anyone upload the videos to their server for free. But, as you can see there are advertisements injected in the videos. They make money from those advertisements.

The websites like Fmovies, 9xmoveis, and 123movies doesn’t host any videos but they embeds the videos to their website hosted on another server. Even though, it is not legal to do so.

The demand for the movies and entertainment are so much that the earning potential of these sites are huge, more then 10 millions of people are actively watching movies on these websites alone in the country like India. So just imagine how much they are making.

Do not act based on anything you might read in this article. It is purely for information purposes only.

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