Sunday, December 4, 2022

Stock Market Opening With Big Decline, Sensex Come Near 53,000 Level

Stock Market Opening: Trading has started with a big fall in the stock market today. As soon as the market opens, around 53,000 levels are visible in the Sensex. Nifty has also broken more than 1.7 percent.

how open market
At the beginning of the market, the Sensex opened at 53,070 today and the Nifty started at the level of 15,917. In the opening minutes, the Sensex and Nifty are trading with a fall of 1.9 percent. With the opening of the market, about 370 shares have risen, 1629 shares have declined and 73 shares have remained unchanged.

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Loss of more than 1000 points in first 15 minutes
The Sensex is trading at 53,170.94 with a fall of 1,037.59 points at 9.33 am and Nifty remains below 16,000. The Nifty is currently trading at 15,941 after a fall of 298.65 points or 1.84 per cent.

What’s up with Nifty
Except 2 stocks of Nifty, all the other stocks are trading with a red mark of decline and Nifty is now seeing a decline of more than 300 points. Bank Nifty has come down by 732 points or 2.14 per cent to the level of 33431.

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