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Started In 1995 By Selling Books Online The World’s Largest Company Is…

Biggest Companies On Amazon : A person started the online shopping website at a time when people used to be far away from the Internet world. That person left his job and started a company. Which has covered the world in no time. Today that company is famous by the name of Amazon, whose services you and all of us are taking. Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon, has always had great faith in computers and technology.

make money from internet
The use of Internet is increasing rapidly. His Bezos had decided in the early 1990s that he would do business related to the Internet. Then he got the idea of ​​online shopping and as a result Amazon has started.

started selling books
In 1994, Bezos founded Amazon in America’s technology hub Seattle. Started selling books online in 1995. Bezos has rented a 3-room house with wife Mackenzie in Seattle. He started the business of the company from the garage of his house. This is how the world’s largest online shopping company started. Amazon’s first IPO opened in 1997. Then the company had fixed the share price of $ 18, which reached $105 in 1 year itself.

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Business in more than 100 countries
According to Brad Stone’s book ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon’, within 1 month of its launch in 1995, Amazon has taken online orders from 50 states and 45 countries. Amazon company Bezos became the richest person in the world. In 1999, Time magazine honored him with the title of ‘King of Cybercommerce’.

2012 Started in India
Amazon delivers its goods to more than 100 countries under its Global Shipping Program. Amazon started business in India in 2012. Recently, Amazon is in discussion about buying ‘irobot’, a company that makes robot vacuums for its Freedom Sale and a household work.

This is how the name ‘Amazon’ got
Bezos wanted the name of his company to be such that as soon as he hears it, it is the largest company in the world. He wanted the name to start with the first letter ‘A’ of the English alphabet. He thought of many names and in the end the name Amazon was decided. Amazon is the name of a river which is the largest river in the world. In this way, the name ‘Amazon’ was finalized due to the vastness in its name.

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Market cap crosses $1 trillion
Within 3 years of Amazon’s launch, the company’s market cap had crossed $1 billion. Whose price is equal to Rs 3,600 crore at that time. It took 14 years for Amazon to reach from 1 to 100 billion dollars. After all, in September 2018, Amazon’s market cap crossed $1 trillion for the first time. Which is worth Rs 68 lakh crore according to that time. Amazon is currently the fifth largest company in the world by market cap. At present, the company’s market cap is $ 1.40 trillion i.e. Rs 111 lakh crore.

Bezos quits as CEO
Jeff Bezos left this post in 2021 after serving as the CEO of Amazon for 27 years. In the year 2000, Bezos started Blue Origin for space travel. Bezos has planned to give more on this regarding the future possibilities in the field of space travel. Blue Origin competes with Elon Musk’s Space X. After stepping down as the CEO of Amazon, Bezos is devoting most of his time to Blue Origin, Bezos Earth Fund, Amazon Day One Fund and the newspaper The Washington Post.

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Shares fell after leaving office
The company’s shares have fallen by more than 32 percent since Amazon started Bezos quit as CEO. The market cap of the company has come down by Rs 20 lakh crore this year. The company is at the top in the field of online shopping with its network spread across the world.

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