Some of the top quality Mattress on EMI

Some of the top quality Mattress on EMI
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

Choosing a mattress can be tough. The comfort depends on the size, the height and the softness. Till the time you get everything right, you can never have a good sleep at night. Read this article to know more about mattresses you should buy. 

Professional life can really give us a tiring night. And unless we’re well-rested, our optimal working levels would fall, and the sleep deprivation would reflect on our work, our temper, and our health, so compromising on the much-needed sleep is not the best way forward. And when it comes to not compromising with your sleep, would you compromise with your mattress either? Research and well-conducted surveys have shown how our mattresses directly link to how long we sleep and the quality of sleep we have.

With most mattress companies going eco-friendly, it is time that you find the best mattress at economical prices. Major producers of mattresses in the market presently offer consumer-friendly models, and you can even avail luxury mattresses like duroflex mattress at affordable prices. Mattresses are great investments that last a long time. Not only Springfit but Durfin is also one of the renowned mattress brands in India. Not only Durfin manufactures super-comfortable mattresses but Durfin mattress price also falls within an affordable range. 

Mattresses in India are available, keeping in mind your requirement, and you can compare among the mattresses based on their size, quality, features, and price. Given in the following list are mattresses you must consider as the best options available in the market before buying a mattress that suits your purposes.

SleepX APT by Sleepwell 6 inch PU Foam Mattress

Sleepwell has been one of the bestselling brands for mattresses in India. As one of the most recommended brands, Sleepwell aims to launch mattress models that are durable, affordable, and ensures a comfortable sleep to the users. The SleepX series by Sleepwell is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after mattresses available in quality ranges depending upon your need. 

The advanced quality foam, PU and HR, comprised in this mattress’s primary and secondary layers are durable breathable and contribute to a great sleep. The 6 inch high resilient foam mattress is available for king sized beds, and is quite accommodating. You can rest easy, for this mattress looks beautiful, in its soft, orange trim exterior design.

SleepyCat Orthopaedic Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

For one of the most affordable and consumer-friendly brands, SleepyCat is also known for its unique mattress technology that is often recommended by doctors for their patients. The unique orthopaedic quality of these mattresses supports the users’ bodies and provides relief to their bodies’ pressure points. It lets the body breathe naturally without obstructing movements and is extremely durable. The blend of memory foam and cooling crystals present in the mattresses retain less body heat and maintain body temperature as long as you sleep.

Springtek 8 inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress

Like SleepyCat, Springtek is also devoted to giving its users a better sleeping experience at no extra cost. The Springtek 8 inch King Size Memory Foam Mattress is an excellent option for people suffering from backaches and orthopedic issues. 

This mattress has been designed to align and support your spine, relieve stress, and make your sleep a comfortable one. The memory foam adapts to your sleeping posture, absorbs, and redistributes body heat throughout the period you sleep. This mattress is also available in various sizes depending on your requirement.

Springfit Pro Activ Jump 6 inch King Size Bonnell Spring Mattress

Whether it is great sleep that you need or you have amorous activities planned, this mattress will not let you down. With soft outer foam and a slightly firm inner foam for stability and balance, this mattress has been manufactured keeping in mind your needs. 

The Springfit Pro Activ Jump 6 Inch King Size Bonnell Spring Mattress is known for its durability, and helps you comfort by blending and adapting to the way you sleep, and enhances your sleeping experience. Springfit mattress are one of the most widely sold mattresses in the Indian market.

Urban Ladder Dreamlite 6 inch King Size Bonnell Spring Mattress

One of the few spring mattresses that still are chosen by most Indian customers, the Urban Ladder Dreamlite 6 inch King Size Bonnell Spring Mattress takes a significant shift from memory foam technology. 

Created from high end raw materials, the mattress is comfortable, supporting, and offers an ergonomic feel that allows comfortable sleeping positions, and the stiffness can be adjusted based on your comfort. The springs’ firmness also contributes to the mattress’s durability, and the springs made from anti-corrosive steel wires offer longer life and helps align your sleeping postures.

Durfin Dream Sleep 6 inch Queen Size Spring Mattress

Durfin is one of the widely sold mattress brands in the present day. Known for its consumer friendly nature, Durfin Mattress prices are affordable without burning a hole through your purse. The Dream Sleep series incorporates Durfin’s unique Durfipedia technology that keeps your mattress and bed bacteria-free, devoid of mites and bugs, prevents body odour, and stays fresh. The 6 inch PU foam layer is another unique feature added to the Durfin mattresses that provides you with the comfort you need while sleeping.

Other than these, the Durfi and Sleepy head mattresses are other terrific options for you to look into. And for more pocket-friendly options, you can even avail these mattresses on EMI from various online and offline stores.

Bajaj Finserv Emi Store offers a long list of advanced mattress. Here customers will get their preferred products on huge discount. Those who have Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card will be able to get No Cost EMI on each purchase. In addition to this, they can also avail zero down payment depending on the offers. Also, the card holders can avail up to Rs 4 lakh purchase credit. 

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