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You may have heard about blue whale game, a few weeks back the game blue whale has been viral on everywhere. Now the question is what is blue whale game and how to does it impacts in our society and social media. Basically, it is an online based virtual reality game where the participants are instructed to engage in the task given to get ahead.

The task including drawing blue whale on your skin with sharp materials, and jumping off buildings etc, in India according to media reports three youth has been already engaged in this game and reported suicide, however, the police officials claimed that there’s no evidence or proof that these youth took their lives following instructions from the game.

There are online communities like “sea of whales” and f57- all hosted on that seems to promote the playing games with the task to be carried out in the real worlds, however, the games in aren’t similar like a blue whale but they do encourage suicide. The promoters of the website say their Aim was to draw visits and advertising numbers and deny wanting to encourage commit suicide to minors. Rina Palenkovoy was a Russian teenager who had posted a picture of herself on and then committed suicide.

14th Nov 2016 police outside Moscow arrested 21- year – Old Budeikin on suspicion of being an organizer of a blue whale. Authorities say Budeikin was suspected of complicity in 15 suicides, but according to his lawyer nothing is stuck,

The fact of blue whale Game drove many parents and legislators in many countries to ask for a ban that the game indices the payer to commit suicide is markedly false,

Facts of Blue Whale Game

Blue whale game is not downloadable; it’s not a software or application.

The game is spread on social media and is a social media phenomenon and can be found on online chat groups and community

The Game was first started in the secret group on Russian social media networks

It’s has been said that the game involves 50 challenges which are monitored by a curator, the task including watching horror movies and inflicting self-harm etc.

The curator approves the task once it’s done and the participator has to take pictures of them undertaking the challenge and upload them as a proof.

There are unverifiable claims that over 100 teenagers killed themselves because of the challenge, but there is no evidence to suggest that the number is real

Several fact-checking websites and media watchdogs have dismissed data on deaths due to lack of evidence

In 2016, Filipp Budeykin, a ‘curator’ of the challenge, was arrested for aiding suicides. The 22-year-old who later pleaded guilty said the victims were “biological waste” and that he was “cleansing society”

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