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Soap Makes Your Skin Dry While Bathing In Winter Try These Home Remedies And…

Winter Skin Care: The thing that bothers us the most in the winter season is our skin. In cold weather, our skin needs double care. From soap to cream, we have to choose very carefully. In this season, along with the face, you also have to take special care of your hands and feet. But while taking bath in winter, our skin looks very cracked and dry with soap, which looks very bad. That’s why our body needs extra care in this season. If you are also troubled by the use of soap, then today we will tell you about some home remedies in this article, by trying which you can make your skin soft.

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This paste of sandalwood will make the skin soft

The use of sandalwood is considered very good for the body. Because it is soft and cool too. While using it at home, first of all mix sandalwood powder and turmeric in a bowl, after that mix it in raw milk and make a fine paste. After this, apply this paste on the hands and feet with light hands. Massage this paste by applying it on your body for ten minutes. You should use this boil daily. Gradually you will start seeing your skin soft and shiny.

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try this old recipe

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Gram flour is considered most beneficial for the face. That’s why you can use gram flour after removing the soap. First, make a paste by mixing gram flour and curd, then apply this paste on your hands and feet, leave this paste for 5 minutes. You can go to bath after that. You will get to see its effect only after a few days. This recipe is very old. People also use gram flour for the glow of the face.

Lentils will make the skin soft

Saying bye-bye to soap, you can make powder of lentils and use it. Yes, while taking a bath, make a powder of lentils and mix curd and aloe vera gel paste in it. After this, apply this paste all over the body and keep it for ten minutes. Keep in mind that do not leave this paste on your body for a long time, otherwise it may cause redness in your skin while removing it. That’s why you should apply the paste of lentils for a maximum of ten minutes. After this take a bath. After using this you will see that your skin will not be dry.

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