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Seeing Delhi’s chili market, other states may feel chili, so many varieties…

Gauhar / Delhi. Our country is full of diversities. Diversities have spread from living to food habits. The spices here are also of different types. These Indian spices used in different types of food are very popular in foreign countries as well. Anyway, people living in our country and especially in North India like spicy very much. So to enhance the taste of your spicy we take you to the streets of Old Delhi. The chilli market here is more than 100 years old.

This market is spread over two floors and you will find different types of chillies in this whole market. People come here to buy chillies, as well as many big companies from India and abroad also come. Chilli is also sent from here to other states of the country. Along with other states, many foreign tourists also come here to see this chilli market.

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Here you will get to buy and see about 30 to 40 types of chillies. Like ‘Andhra’ chillies are very hot, ‘Karnataka’ chillies only work to give color to the food. Pradeep Jain, a shopkeeper here told that ‘Assam’ chillies are the hottest, which is very useful in snacks. He also told that yellow chillies are used more in non-vegetarian food and red chillies are very useful in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Shopkeeper Rabir Singh told that he has been working here for 40 years. About Degi chilli, he told that this chilli is sweet. There is absolutely no sharpness in it.

If we talk about the condition of the market, then it is clearly visible that there is a need for reconstruction of this market. To attract more foreigners to this market, further reconstruction is necessary. The way earthquake tremors are being felt in Delhi and surrounding areas, there is a great need to rebuild this dilapidated market.

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If you also want to see this market, then from Chandni Chowk, Metro you will have to come directly towards Fatehpuri Masjid and going a little further from there you can ask anyone about Mirchi Bazar. This market remains open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the meantime, you can come here anytime and have a look.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 04, 2023, 14:13 IST



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