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Sleep Loss Can Increase Heart Disease How To Prevent Heart Attack Less…

Sleep Loss Can Increase Heart Disease: It has been proved in many studies that less sleep weakens the immune system. Consistently less sleep damages the stem cells of the immune system, which increases inflammatory disorders and heart-related diseases. A study has been done by the director of New York’s Cardiovascular Research Institute, research said that less sleep is associated with health. It is bad for the heart and especially it is not right for the healthy heart.

8 hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy heart
The director of a Cardiovascular Research Institute in New York took a sample of some healthy volunteers for this study. Those who slept less than one and a half hours a day for 6 weeks. In which it was revealed that due to less sleep continuously, there was a difference in stem cells and those white blood cells which increase inflammation.

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Study done on 35 year old people
During this research, some 35-year-olds were asked to sleep for 8 hours for the first 6 weeks and then took their blood samples and extracted the data of the immune cells present in it. After this, their sleep was reduced to 90 minutes daily for 6 weeks and then after taking blood samples and extracting the data of immune cells, healthy cells were reduced in it.

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less sleep is dangerous for the heart
This study says that less sleep can increase inflammation. During this research, people who slept a little less had increased immune cells in their blood, which increase inflammation. Although a little inflammation is needed to prevent infection, injury or minor disease in the body, but if it is too much then it can be dangerous. Especially if the inflammation is persistent and high, it can lead to heart diseases or diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Not only this, due to less sleep, there was a slight change in the stem cells that produce healthy immune cells. However, after taking full sleep, the immune cells can come to the same number as they were before.

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