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Skinny Jeans May Effect Your Health Follow These Tips

Health Tips: When it comes to clothes, everyone prefers to wear tight fit clothes so that they can look slim. Skinny jeans have become a fashion symbol in today’s time. This type of jeans especially girls like very much. Admittedly, wearing such jeans gives a smart look, but it is also true that it is also dangerous for health. Yes, according to doctors, in the process of looking beautiful, girls forget how harmful these jeans can be for our body and health. Let us know which diseases can be caused by wearing skinny jeans.

1. Blood circulation

Wearing tight clothes obstructs the movement of the joints, which makes the muscles tight, and hinders blood circulation. This can lead to problems like pain, swelling, lumpiness in the body, varicose veins due to pressure on the veins, etc.

2. Back Pain

Wearing skinny or low waist tight jeans puts pressure on the muscles of the waist, which affects the movement of the hip joint. Not only this, due to this, there is also an effect on the waist and spinal cord, due to which pain starts feeling in the back.

3. Deep Vein Thrombosis

People who keep their body tied in tight clothes for a very long time can have this problem. This is a problem in which a person can have a lump in the veins inside the leg. The veins that carry blood from our heart to the feet. There is pressure in their work, due to which the speed of blood flow slows down.

4. Fertility

Wearing too tight grips can lead to urinary tract infection, which causes the bladder to work too quickly and weaken. Not only this, the amount of sperm starts decreasing and fungal infections also start happening.

5. Abdominal pain

Tight jeans are tied on the lower part of our stomach for a long time. This puts pressure on our stomach, which causes acid reflux and pressure on the urinary bladder. by this Muscles There are problems like pain, burning and urinary infections.

6. Candida Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is caused by a type of fungus, which is called Candida. It has been observed that by wearing tight clothes, moisture builds up in the secret organs very quickly, which can lead to many infections by fungi and microorganisms. so next time you tight jeans Buy which must keep this thing in mind.

7. Fainting

By wearing tight clothes, we are not able to give breathing space to our lungs, due to which our breathing slows down and the amount of oxygen also starts decreasing.

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