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Skin Care Take special care of the skin during pregnancy these ways you can get…

Pregnancy is considered very special for women, pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling for every woman. During pregnancy, they have to face many types of physical and mental problems. Along with this, women also have to deal with many problems related to skin during this time. The problem of blemishes and pigmentation increases. Along with this, the skin of women starts getting dull. The heels of some women also start cracking. Not only this, some women start itching in the area around the abdomen. Let us know how to get soft and glowing skin-

To stay healthy and have glowing skin during pregnancy even after delivery, you need to take special care of it and eat a healthy diet. To maintain the glow in the skin, definitely apply natural lotions, creams.

Moisturizer with Cocoa Butter: During pregnancy, as the body stretches to allow the baby to grow, the skin needs softness and suppleness. To get rid of dryness and itching of the skin, moisture should be retained in the skin. To keep the skin of the body soft, apply moisturizer and body lotion containing cocoa butter.

Anti-Rashes Cream: Stretch marks, rashes occur due to stretching of the skin during pregnancy, itching also occurs due to sweating. Rashes and marks usually occur on the abdomen and can spread to the legs and chest. In such a situation, anti-rash creams specially made for pregnant women prove to be beneficial. Applying this will not cause itching and it will provide moisture to the skin and you will feel comfortable during pregnancy. These days there are creams that prevent stretch marks are available in the market, by applying which the chances of getting stretch marks are reduced.

Sida Cordifolia: After becoming a mother, having a daily massage (massage) will remove the pain of your body and get relief. This improves blood circulation and makes the body strong. Sesame oil, winter cherry or country malau (Sida cordifolia) oil, rich in lavender scent, will help you overcome pain. It also brings good sleep.

Olive oil: If not breastfed properly, the mother may feel pain due to bleeding from the nipples or if its skin is cracked. Two out of ten mothers face cracked and swollen nipples, which also makes it difficult to pass milk. New mothers can apply a nipple cream containing cocoa butter, which will keep the nipples moisturized. Applying olive oil will also keep the nipple skin soft.

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