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Skin Care Take special care of skin in summer like this avoid these things-…

We all want glowing and healthy skin. To fulfill this desire, the skin needs a little extra care, for this not only chemical products, but also our food and drink matters a lot. Very few of us know that what we eat has a direct effect on our face and skin. There are some food products that can harm our skin. So let’s know which are those food products, which have an effect on our skin-

Summer has arrived and in the changing season it is necessary to take special care of hair and skin. Our skin is affected by rising temperatures, pollution, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays and changing lifestyles. Due to the increasing humidity and heat in the summer season, the face soon becomes dirty and lifeless, so face wash with activated carbon should be used which deeply cleanses the face. Scrub can also be used.

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Salt: Too much salt can cause swelling on the face. The skin around our eyes is very delicate, eating too much salt causes swelling on them. According to experts 500 ml in a day. grams of sodium is enough.

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Dairy Products: We have always heard the benefits of milk i.e. dairy products, but there are also disadvantages of consuming more of them. Due to this swelling comes under the eyes. Apart from this, it can also cause blackheads, spots, wrinkles on your face.

Sugar: Sugar not only adds calories but also affects the texture of your skin. Sugar has many side effects such as wrinkles, acne, spots on the forehead and under the eyes. Apart from this, the skin also becomes thinner. Sugar is also the reason behind most of the yellowing of the skin. To make the skin beautiful, you have to take special care of the amount of sugar.

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Alcohol: Alcohol also affects your skin. Consuming too much alcohol causes swelling on your face and wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, even while consuming alcohol, definitely take care of your skin in your mind.

Healthy food: Include green vegetables in your diet. Along with your health, it also keeps your skin healthy. You should eat less spices and oily food. Also use fruits and juices.

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