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Skin Cancer Warning Signs And Symptoms In Hindi

Skin Cancer: Cancer is considered a very serious disease. There are many symptoms of cancer. Cancer symptoms are also visible on the face. If your face looks white and waxy, then it can be a symptom of basal cell carcinoma. It is a skin cancer. This cancer is caused by exposure to sunlight. Lumps and sores start to form on the skin of people suffering from this. Apart from this, many other types of symptoms can be seen. Let’s know about this-

How do wounds look?

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Such wounds on the skin or on the face occur due to many reasons, but the wounds caused due to abnormal growth of cells on the body look a little different. Lesions caused by skin cancer rarely develop in covered areas such as the genitals and abdomen. If any of the following symptoms appear on your skin or face, then understand that you have a problem of skin cancer, such as-

  • If your skin tone is fair, then the face can be white like wax. Along with this, pink color appears on the skin.
  • If the color of the skin looks brown and black, then understand that you are likely to have cancer. In this situation, consult an expert immediately.
  • If the color of the skin looks like brown, blue and black lumps with dark spots and a little raised, then in this situation consult a doctor.
  • Raising flat, scaly patches on the face can be a sign of cancer.
  • Unexplained white, waxy, scar-like lesions on the skin of the face can be a sign of cancer.

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