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Singer Adnan Sami reduced his weight from 230 kg to 75 kg know what…

Singer-composer Adnan Sami has surprised everyone by losing weight. Actually Adnan Sami has reduced his weight by 155 kg. There was a time when Adnan’s weight was more than 230 kg and with such a heavy body Adnan had to face many health problems. Let us tell you that people like Adnan’s songs very much and his singing is also mentioned, but along with the songs, people used to discuss his increasing weight a lot.

Before the year 2007, Adnan’s weight was 230 kg and now the weight is only 75 kg. This transformation of Adnan has surprised everyone. Now he has made an icon in front of the world and now discussions have started everywhere about Adnan’s fitness. Adnan spoke openly about his weight loss on social media and also spoke about his weight loss journey.

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The doctor had given a warning: Singer Adnan says that his weight was increasing day by day and due to this he was also facing many problems. Reiterating the anecdote once, Adnan says that he had to undergo surgery on his knee and after this surgery, the doctor asked Adnan to take 3 months of bed rest and due to more rest, Adnan had another one named ‘Sleep Apnea’. Fell in the grip of disease. Due to this disease, the respiratory function of the person gets interrupted while sleeping.

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When Adnan told this problem to his doctor, the doctor said that if your weight keeps increasing like this, then you will say goodbye to the world very soon. Singer Adnan was shocked to hear all this and only then he thought that he would do everything possible to reduce his weight.

This is how Adnan reduced his weight: Adnan tells in his social media post that in order to reduce his weight, he first paid attention to his diet and followed a simple diet. Adnan used to consume more fried foods. Especially in which carbohydrates were found more, but to reduce weight, Adnan stopped consuming all such food.

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Adnan had completely reduced sweet food while losing weight. He too started drinking tea without sugar. Adnan says that he did not pay much attention to the first workout but later he followed his workout routine very strictly and he started exercising daily.

If we talk about Adnan’s singing, then some songs have created a lot of noise like- ‘Kabhi to nazar milao, tera face, tu keval mera mahboob’ etc. Adnan has also been awarded Padma Shri for his melodious voice.

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