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Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills: Sleeping Pills Are Not Good For Health…

Sleeping Pills: If you too have become addicted to taking sleeping pills due to any tension or stress, then this news is for you. We are telling you about some side effects of taking sleeping medicine. Along with this, it will also tell how you can avoid its consumption and how to enjoy a good sleep without sleeping pills.

The sleeping pill that you have become addicted to is affecting your brain somewhere. We are not saying this, but a research has come to the fore. These anti cholinergic pills and sleeping pills gradually weaken your memory. Even the ability of a person to think and understand gets reduced. These medicines do not show their effect on their own. You start seeing its effect in a month.

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sleeping pills dangerous

All over the world, there has been an increase in the death rate of sleep medicine users, but the number of those who do not take sleeping medicine is less. The use of sleeping pills increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. You must consult a doctor before taking sleeping pills. With its regular consumption, you may also have to face problems like constipation, lethargy, weak memory, abdominal pain, weakness and dizziness. Therefore, it would be better that you can try these tips to get sleep.

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set bedtime
Set a time for both getting up and going to sleep. With this, your entire routine will be correct and you will also feel fresh.

Do not watch TV and mobile till late night
Your mobile and TV play the most important role in not sleeping. So leave its addiction and sleep and wake up on time. Keep good thoughts in mind at the time of sleeping so that you can get good sleep.

Do not drink tea or coffee
The enemy of sleep is considered to be tea and coffee. Its excessive consumption has a bad effect on health.

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Massage the soles of the feet
Before sleeping, wash your hands and feet and go to bed. Also massage the soles of the feet with any oil. This will remove the problem of sleeplessness.

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