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Shoes And Socks Know Why It Is Necessary To Wear Socks With Shoes

Know Why It Is Important To Wear Socks With Shoes: Today’s time is of style. Everyone is ready to take any damage to look stylish. One such style is very trending nowadays. Wearing shoes without socks has become a new trend. Wearing shoes without socks makes people think that they look stylish, but many researches have revealed that wearing shoes without socks can be dangerous for you.

will have trouble wicking sweat

Studies have found that 300 ml of sweat comes out of a person’s feet in a day. Now you tell that so much sweat is coming out, then how will they dry up. Now if there is no fun, then the moisture in the feet increases and due to the increase in the moisture in the feet, bacteria flourish, which can cause problems like athlete’s foot.

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ulcer problem

There are certain types of leather and synthetic leather shoes that do not allow air to pass through. Due to which dust, sweat and dirt collect in the shoes, which causes infection in the feet as well as the problem of ulcers also arises. Therefore, if you are wearing such shoes, then keep these things in mind and wear shoes.

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effect on blood circulation

For a healthy body it is important that the circulation of your body should be correct. Due to not wearing socks properly, the veins of the legs get pressed which affects the blood circulation of the body. That is why it is important that you do not wear too tight or too long socks.

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wear fitting shoes

Wearing small shoes in the name of style can create problems for you. Do not wear short shoes, choose the right shoes so that you feel comfortable with your feet.

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