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Shani Dev See These Five Things On Saturday That Lord Shani Blessings And…

Shani Dev, Shaniwar Upay: Lord Shani is called the lord of justice. That’s why everyone is afraid of him. In astrology, Shani Dev has been considered as a magistrate. It is believed that Shani Dev gives fruits and punishments to people according to their deeds. That’s why a person should always do good deeds, because if Shani Dev gets angry then it doesn’t take long for even the king to become angry.

Pandit Suresh Shrimali explains that, in astrology, some such signs have been told through which you can know whether Shani Dev is happy with you or not. According to astrology, if you see any one of these things on Saturday, then understand that Shani Dev is kind to you and your good times are going to start soon. Know what are those 5 signs-

  1. Beggar’s darshan early in the morning: It is believed that if you see a beggar early in the morning on Saturday and he is asking for something from you, then it is considered an auspicious sign. This means that Shani Dev is pleased with you, so you should help the beggar properly according to your capacity.
  2. Cleaner Appearance: It is also considered auspicious if you see this same sweeper on Saturday, especially if someone is seen sweeping. Apart from this, if there is a sweeper at your house, then do donate something to him on Saturday. This leads to an increase in wealth.
  3. black Dog: If a black dog appears in front of the Shani temple on Saturday, then it is also an auspicious sign for you. Make sure to feed bread to that black dog on this day, by this you will get the blessings of Shani Dev.
  4. Black Crow: On Saturday, if a black crow comes to drink water in the courtyard of your house or drinks water in front of the house kept by you, then it is considered a very auspicious sign. It is believed that Shani Dev is pleased with the person who sees this, but if a crow pecks on your head on Saturday, then you need to be careful. This is a sign that Shani Dev is angry with you.
  5. Black Cow: On Saturday, if you are going for some important work and you see a black cow on the way, then that work will definitely be completed. That’s why it is said that worship of black cow must be done on Saturday. Also, if possible, donate a black cow on this day, it can remove all the troubles from your life.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.

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