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Shaking Legs While Sitting Is Good Or Bad In Hindi

Causes of Leg Shaking: Many times you must have been asked to move your feet. But have you ever wondered why the feet are interrupted to move? Often we associate it with auspicious and inauspicious, but do you know that it harms health. Yes, if you move while lying on the bed or lowering your legs, then it can give rise to many serious problems. let’s know Why shouldn’t legs move?

sign of iron deficiency

The habit of moving the legs is too much in some people. It does not harm you directly, but you may suffer some harm due to this bad habit. Especially if you have a habit of moving your legs, it can indicate iron deficiency. In this situation contact the doctor immediately.

restless syndrome nervous system

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According to some media reports, people who have a habit of moving their feet. About 10 percent of them may have Restless Syndrome Nervous System. This problem is common in people above 35 years of age. The habit of moving the legs is associated with the restless syndrome nervous system. However, there can be a habit of shaking legs due to some other reasons as well.

lack of sleep

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By moving the legs, dopamine hormone is released in our body, due to which the person feels like moving the legs again and again. This problem has also been linked to sleep disorders. Many health experts believe that due to lack of sleep, people move their feet. In this situation, you need to get a blood test done immediately.

hormonal changes

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There is a desire to move the legs even during hormonal changes in the body, which gradually turns into a habit. It is normal to see such symptoms especially during pregnancy, thyroid, periods.

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