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Selfie Ban: Taking selfie in these places of the world is banned, may have to be done…

Selfie Ban: Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands. In such a situation, whenever they get a chance, people start taking their pictures. Especially these days the craze of taking selfies has increased a lot. Many people have to face dangers because of taking selfies. You must have read about many such accidents, in which people have lost their lives while taking selfies. To prevent such accidents, there are some places in the world where taking selfies has been banned. Yes, if you are fond of selfies, then be a little cautious before going to these places. Because if you take a selfie here then you may have to pay a very heavy fine. Let’s know where taking selfie is banned?


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If you are going to visit the Lion Park in Johannesburg in South Africa, then keep in mind that tourists cannot take selfies with the lions and bear babies here. Because many times people here have become victims of accidents while taking selfies with lions and bears, in such a situation, taking selfies has been completely banned here. 


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