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Sawan Last Somwar 2022 Three Totke For Health Success Chandra Dosh On For…

Sawan last somwar 2022 Totke: The last and fourth Monday of Sawan is on 8th August 2022. Sawan Monday has special significance for worshiping Bholenath. Lord Shiva fulfills all the wishes of those who observe the fast of Sawan Monday. Bholenath is very naive by nature, he becomes happy with just one returned water. In the scriptures, some tricks have been told on Shravan Monday, which can be tried and get rid of all the problems. Every bad thing gets done. Let’s know what are the tricks of Sawan Monday.

serious disease

If a person is suffering from a serious disease in the house, if his health is not improving, then on the day of Sawan Monday, the Shivling should be anointed with Panchamrit (milk, curd, ghee, honey, sugar). It is believed that it gives health benefits. With the blessings of Shiva Shambhu, diseases end.

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moon defect

The moon is a symbol of the mind. A person’s mind remains disturbed due to Chandra Dosha in the horoscope. Tension arises in the house. According to astrology, to get rid of Chandra Dosha, recite Chandrashekhar Stotra on the last Monday of Sawan. This strengthens the moon planet. It is also auspicious to recite Ayodhya Kand of Ramayana on this day to get the auspiciousness of Moon.

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interruption of work

If there is disappointment from all around, if the work gets spoiled before it is done, if there is no prospect of progress, then this trick of salt can prove to be fruitful on the day of Sawan Monday. According to the scriptures, pour a little rock salt in a glass of water and keep it at a place where the members of the house can see it. Throw this water out secretly the next morning, it is believed that by doing this every problem of the family ends. Negative energy does not reside. Every work will be accomplished without any hindrance.

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