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Saudi Sisters Asra Amaal Abdullah Alsehli Found Dead In Sydney Queer Women…

Saudi Queer Sisters Found Dead In Sydney: Two Saudi Arabian lesbian sisters have been found dead in Sydney, Australia. According to the New South Wales Police, these two sisters attended a queer program for girls in January. During this, he told one of his acquaintances that in his country, queer women live under the shadow of fear.

The police is furthering its investigation in this case regarding the possibility of persecution of both the sisters due to sexuality. Both these sisters came from Saudi Arabia and applied for asylum in Australia. However, the reason for taking refuge here is not clear.

Sisters came to Australia after fleeing from Saudi

Saudi sisters Asra Abdullah Alsehli and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli were found dead on the bed of their home in June. According to a report published in The Guardian newspaper, the New South Wales Police is investigating the matter. Police officers Joshua Mcdonald, Mostafa Rachwani and Ben Doherty say they fear persecution of one or both sisters for their sexuality in their homeland (Saudi Arabia). Is. Both these sisters fled to Australia in the year 2017. He had also applied for asylum here. These two sisters also wrote to the Department of Home Affairs in Australia for their safety.

dead bodies recovered from apartment

Police found the bodies of Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Amal Abdullah Alsehli, 23, on the bed of their apartment in the south-west suburb of Canterbury on 7 June. Police say that when these women were found, more than a month had passed. The police did not find any injury marks on the women’s bodies, nor was there any evidence of someone forcibly entering their apartment.

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NSW Police have not been able to determine the cause of death of the two sisters. Police, however, refused to confirm media reports that suggested suicides and “bottles of chemicals were found near their bodies”. K’s family, and they were cooperating and were not considered suspicious.

Dead sisters were used to living in solitude

According to the information, these gay sisters of Saudi Arabia were used to living a secluded life. In Australia, she was in contact with only a few friends. A woman who knew her told that she had met those sisters earlier this year at a queer event for girls. The woman, on condition of anonymity, told the Guardian newspaper that the two sisters were living in isolation at the party. The dead sisters had told this woman during this event that homosexual people face harassment in their country Saudi Arabia.

An old landlord of the dead sisters told the Guardian that between 2017 and 2019, the mothers of these girls had come to meet them. The landlord said that the sisters always lived on their own. One of these two sisters had a lover and both had few friends. These sisters only went out for shopping or work. Both these sisters used to work as traffic control in a construction company. Elder sister Asra had complained of violence against a man in January 2019, although she later withdrew it. Applied for a possible violence order, however that application was withdrawn.

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Sisters had said that they were in fear in their homeland

The woman who met the dead sisters in the queer event told that during the event, both these sisters were wrapping themselves in a corner and were very shy. The woman told that so she went to those two sisters and started talking to them. Then both the sisters told this woman that they are from Saudi Arabia and there gay women live under the shadow of fear. He told this woman that he was grateful to be in Australia. Here she is able to live and live more freely without any fear. As soon as this woman saw the photos of these two sisters in the newspaper, she immediately contacted the police.

Both sisters also spoke openly about women’s rights to this knowledgeable woman, praising women’s greater freedom in Australia. However, the woman said that she inquired about his life in Saudi Arabia and whether he had recently returned home to meet family. But she was hesitant to elaborate on this. He gave a short answer. I realized that she rarely goes out and didn’t know much about Sydney.

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He also told this woman that he was excited to attend such an event and was ready to visit Sydney. He felt safe in Australia. This woman told that the NSW police were very eager to talk to her. The woman said that the police wanted to know from her about the sisters being gay. Although the police knew about one sister being queer, the police did not know about the other.

Saudi women in Australia get permanent security visa

About 75 Saudi women in Australia have been granted permanent security visas in the past five years. The Human Rights Watch World Report for 2022 report states that Saudi Arabia had no written laws relating to sexual identity or gender identity.

Here judges use principles of unwritten or uncodified Islamic law to punish homosexuals and people suspected of having sex outside of marriage. If individuals engage in such relationships online, judges and prosecutors use vague provisions of the country’s anti-cybercrime law. Under this, such online criminal activities come, which adversely affect public order, religious values, public morals and privacy here.

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