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Sangeeta Pandey: Gorakhpur’s woman started business in Rs 1500, today she is…

Sangeeta Pandey Gorakhpur
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Sangeeta Pandey From Gorakhpur: Many Indian women are very famous in the business world. Worldwide, she is working as the owner and CEO of big companies. On the other hand, a simple woman from a district of Uttar Pradesh has set up a company worth crores on her own. This woman neither belongs to any big industrialist family nor did she have much knowledge of business in the beginning. But with little money, she started business and on her own became the owner of a company worth crores. There were many obstacles in reaching this success, but the woman of Gorakhpur faced them all. Let’s know about the female businessman Sangeeta Pandey of Gorakhpur district.

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Who is Sangeeta Pandey

Sangeeta Pandey, who lives in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is the owner of a company worth Rs 2.5 crore. She is earning lakhs from her business. For his success and passion, the government has honored him with the Gorakhpur Ratna.

Biography of Sangeeta Pandey

Sangeeta Singh, who has the courage to start a small business with less resources and take it to heights, has become an inspiration not only for women but also for business men. Sangeeta Pandey is a resident of Jharnatola, Gorakhpur. Sangeeta belongs to a military family. His father and brother are in the army.

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Education of Sangeeta Pandey

Sangeeta did her early studies from Kendriya Vidyalaya and later graduated from Gorakhpur University. He got married after his studies but his ambition never diminished.

fancy packaging box factory

Sangeeta living life like a simple housewife decided to do something and came up with a plan to design fancy boxes for the packaging of sweets. Started a factory for making fancy packing cans for sweet shops at Shivpur Sahbazganj located in Padri Bazar of the district.

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Started the business with just Rs.1500. Sangeeta reached a reputed shop in Golghar to place an order. She had a bicycle, which she used to go in search of orders. When the first order was received from the shop, Sangeeta prepared 20 boxes. The shopkeeper liked these boxes, after that he started getting more orders.

Today Sangeeta is giving employment to about 150 women. His company earns crores. Those who used to taunt her work and did not support her, Sangeeta made all of them bow down with her high spirits.



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