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San Francisco Police Proposes To Deploy Robots With Ability To Kill People

San Francisco Police Proposes To Deploy Robots: After the machinery era, we have now entered the robotic era. Robots have made our life much easier today. The tasks which earlier seemed impossible for humans, have become possible today with the help of robots. Robots are becoming an important part of people’s lives in all the countries of the world. Meanwhile, the police in San Francisco have decided to deploy robots. These robots can also shoot people.

The San Francisco Police Department has drafted a way to deploy the robot. The police department has proposed the use of robots, citing recent incidents. The police department has sent a proposal to the government to deploy robots capable of killing dangerous criminals and suspects. The San Francisco Police currently has 17 robots. The police department explained how they are being used, although 12 robots are not yet activated.

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Robots will do this job in police

Robots are typically used for bomb detection and defuse bomb detection, but the San Francisco Police Department wants to use them during criminal suspects, critical incidents, emergency situations, warrant execution or suspicious device assessment . According to the police department, deadly force is used when there is imminent danger and a lack of other options.

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Robot will have the ability to shoot

According to the San Francisco Police Department, robots can also be used to shoot criminals when the lives of members of the public or police officers are in danger and there is no scope for using other methods. The draft document states that giving these robots the ability to fire will help police ground support situational awareness. The police argue that many times criminals hide in such places or have such weapons that it is difficult for the police to catch or shoot them. At these places the robot will shoot them.

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