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Russian Controlled Southern Ukraine Part Soviet Era Dam Destroyed Crimea

Soviet Dam Blast: A fierce war is going on between Russia and Ukraine for the last 14 months. During this, the armies of both the countries are continuously attacking each other’s arms godowns, sometimes on the bridge. Meanwhile, a massive Soviet-era dam in the Russian-controlled part of southern Ukraine was blown up on Tuesday (June 6). This has been confirmed by both the parties. Due to the blast of the dam, there has been flood in this war affected area.

Ever since the dam broke in the blast, both Russia and Ukraine have been accusing each other. A video viral on social media showed a massive explosion around the Kakhovka dam. In the second part of this video, it can be seen that after the blast, a huge amount of water is continuously flowing from the dam.

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The height of the Soviet-era dam is 30 meters.
The Soviet era dam has a height of 30 meters and is 3.2 km long. It was built in the year 1956 on the Dnieper River to generate electricity through Kakhovka Hydroelectricity. It has a reservoir of 3, in which water is held and kept. The dam also supplies water to the Crimea Peninsula and the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.

It is under Russian control since 2014. On this, the Ukrainian army said that the Russian army blew up the dam. The South Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on its Facebook page on Tuesday (June 6) that the Kakhovka dam was blown up by the Russian occupation forces.

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Dam was also blown up during WWII
Posting on Facebook, the Ukrainian commander wrote that a different scale of destruction has been prepared. Due to this, there may be a possibility of flooding in the surrounding areas. After the dam was blown up in the blast, the Russian army officer said that it was blown up under the terrorist attack.

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Earlier during World War II, the hydroelectricity dam was blown up by the Soviet Union army on the orders of Stalin. At that time 1 lakh people were killed after the destruction of the dam.

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