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Russia Ukraine War Vladimir Putin Says We Are Ready For Talking Process

Vladimir Putin On Ukraine War: For the first time, an important statement of President Vladimir Putin has come to the fore regarding the talks between the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Putin welcomed China’s plan to resolve the “serious crisis” in Ukraine as he opened talks with Xi Jinping at the Kremlin presidential office. Actually, Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a tour of Russia. During this, he has talked to his counterpart Vladimir Putin and this statement has come to the fore.

According to Reuters, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Chinese President Xi Jinping that they would discuss China’s Ukraine peace plan. Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Moscow for a three-day state visit to Russia. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has told President Vladimir Putin that he is confident Putin has the support of the Russian people ahead of next year’s presidential election.

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Emphasis on the relationship between Russia and China

During this, both the leaders emphasized on their relationship and said that there should be close relations between Russia and China. Jinping said that Russia under Putin’s leadership has made remarkable progress in the country’s prosperity and he is confident that Putin will get public support in next year’s election.

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Posters welcoming Jinping

At the same time, Moscow was seen plastered with posters to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping. Posters of Putin and Jinping’s friendship were put up in Chinese. Apart from this, big hoardings of Jinping were also installed. Various speculations are being made regarding this visit of Jinping. He is seen urging Russia to stop the war against Ukraine and by doing so he is trying to establish himself as a peacemaker.

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At the same time, America’s statement has also come on his visit. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that he would not approve of China calling itself a peacemaker. Kirby said, ‘If this happens, it will mean more time for Putin to re-prepare, re-train and make a new plan of his own.’

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