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Russia Ukraine War: Two Former American Soldier Captured In Ukraine-Russia War | Russia Ukraine War: Russia caught two former US soldiers in Ukraine, claims President’s office

Russia Ukraine War: Two American ex-servicemen were caught by Russia in the middle of the war with Ukraine. Russian presidential office spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed in an interview to NBC News that these people were endangering the lives of Russian soldiers, so they should be held responsible for these crimes.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told that these people were doing illegal activities somewhere in Ukraine. These people were involved in firing on Russian soldiers. The matter is under investigation. When the question was further asked what crime they have committed? On this Dimitra admitted that nothing like this has been known yet, but both of them will not get the benefit of the Geneva Convention and the Prisoner of War because it is American, not Ukrainian. In response to the death penalty, he said that it depends on the investigation.

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Let us tell you that in the Geneva Convention, guidelines have been given about how to treat soldiers and wounded people arrested during war. What are the rights of Prisoner of War i.e. Prisoners of War, it has been told in the Geneva Convention.

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US President Joe Biden’s statement

The names of the two American soldiers arrested in Ukraine are Alexander Drucke and Andy Huynh. On Friday, US President Joe Biden said that the whereabouts of Alexander Drucke and Andy Huynh are not known. Duke and Andy are said to have both willingly joined the Ukrainian army to fight Russia. A US State Department spokesman told AFP news agency on Saturday that we have seen photos and videos of both American citizens. The whole matter is under watch and we are with his family in this difficult time.

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Earlier, Russia had detained American basketball player Brittany Griner on charges of possessing drugs. On this, America says that Griner has been wrongly detained. At the same time, Russian spokesman Dmitry said that why is it being said that he was being held hostage? He violated the laws of Russia and is being prosecuted. Let us tell you that two-time gold Olympic champion Griner was detained from Moscow airport in February. Now his custody has been extended till July 2.

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