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Schedule is busy… So Tilyar Lake is the best place, you will get jungle like feel, Delhi…

Dhirendra Chowdhary / Rohtak: If you also have a plan to go somewhere in the summer season, but due to the busy schedule, you are not able to plan to go with your family, then we tell you about a place which is far away from the city. There is also no and you can enjoy to the fullest in one day off. This tourist spot is also at a short distance from Delhi NCR.

If you have only one day off then you can spend the perfect weekend here. Amidst nature, you will also get a chance to enjoy many other things along with boating. There is Tilyar Lake in Rohtak, Haryana, which is unique in itself. Along with this, there is also a mini zoo here, where you can see many types of wild animals and birds. There is a lot of relaxation on the Tilyar lake even in the summer season.

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You will get a chance to spend time amidst nature in this lake full of greenery all around. By coming here you can spend time amidst nature. You can also enjoy boating with the family. The serene atmosphere of Tilyar Lake will make your heart happy. You can spend a pleasant time on this lake by coming with your family and friends. Food and drink arrangements are also very good here for the tourists coming to Tilyar Lake.

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Fountain is increasing the beauty
There is a very beautiful fountain in this lake, which is illuminated with colorful lights in the evening. A track has been made around the lake. There are a large number of dense shady trees in the entire lake complex, due to which there is no feeling that we are present on the lake shore built in the middle of a city. Here there is a feeling of a tourist place in the middle of the forest. Tourists are liking this environment very much.

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There are two islands in the middle of the lake
Not only Haryana, but people from other states also come to visit Tilyar Lake. On weekends, a large number of people from Delhi NCR reach here for a picnic and spend the whole day with their families. This lake is spread over about 132 acres. School children are also taken on vacations here. There are also two small islands inside the lake, where people reach by boat and have lunch and breakfast.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 06, 2023, 15:00 IST



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