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Robot Dogs In Paris Fashion Week Steal Show As Walk With Models Shows…

Robot Dogs At Paris Fashion Week: Different fashion shows held in Paris often bring something new, which surprises people. Have you ever seen Robot Dogs and Fashion Models on stage together? Something similar has happened in Paris Fashion Week. In a recent event, a fashion brand Koperni surprised people when they included robots with models in their fashion show.

During the fashion show in Paris, Robot Dogs won the hearts of the people by going on stage with the models.

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robot dog in fashion week

Many well-known brands are showcasing their collections during Paris Fashion Week 2023. Popular brand Coparni shared its collection in a different way during the event. Using modern technology, this brand tried to woo the world by including robots in its program at Paris Fashion Week. People were surprised to see the robot dog with the model. Along with this, the fashion brand has also tried to show the relationship between humans and technology.

Won hearts of people by walking with models

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During the fashion event, robotic dogs with yellow and black stripes were shown walking with the models. Koparni shared pictures related to the show on his official Instagram page. The design brand wrote, “The Fall Winter 23 collection is a message about the relationship between humans and technology, the event presenting Coperni’s vision, which is that man and machine can live in harmony.

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