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risk of stroke increased women abortion and dead child birth know cause and…

A recent new research has revealed that women who have had multiple miscarriages or who have given birth to a stillborn child are at increased risk of having a stroke. In fact, when blood does not reach our brain due to artery blockage, then there is a risk of stroke in such a situation, as well as more frequent miscarriages and stillbirths have also increased the risk of stroke in women.

But sometimes many women are unaware that the experiences during pregnancy can also be a threat to their health. The study, published in the British Medical Journal, also said that with the increased risk of stroke, doctors also need to be more vigilant about women’s health. The doctor should keep checking the pregnant women from time to time and women should also take care of their health.

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Apart from this, it is also possible that infertility, abortion can also increase the risk of stroke in women. These can include endocrine disorders, obesity, poor health care, smoking, all of which can also increase the risk of stroke.

Increased stroke due to miscarriage: Research on 618,851 women from different countries was conducted to find out whether abortion is increasing the risk of stroke. Most of whom are women from China, Japan, America, Netherlands and many other countries. Also, the women involved in the research were between 32-73 years of age and were followed for 11 years. The data collected in this research on women showed that 2.8 percent of women had suffered from a non-fatal stroke, 0.7 percent of women had a fatal stroke.

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At the same time, the number of women who got abortions was 16.2 percent, the number of women who gave birth to a stillborn child was 4.6 percent. Also the risk of stroke increased with each abortion. The risk of non-fatal stroke was up to 35 percent in women with 3 or more miscarriages. risk of fatal stroke in women who had a second miscarriage; Among them was up to 82 percent.

Reduce Risk Factor: The research also examined the risk factors we know, such as women who smoke, have high blood pressure and diabetes. So we can reduce such risk factor and cause miscarriage and death. We can also reduce the number of children born, if the risk of miscarriage in women is reduced, then the risk of stroke will certainly also decrease.

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Keep these things in mind: This research has also found that women who have had miscarriages and stillbirths are also at increased risk of heart disease. Therefore, such women should always consult their doctor and take care of their health as well as get their health checkup done from time to time.

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