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Rishi Sunak Education: There is a lot of discussion these days about Rishi Sunak, an Indian ancestry who is in the race to become the Prime Minister of Britain. Everyone wants to know about Rishi Sunak, although a lot has come to the fore about Rishi’s life, but now an interesting news has come to the fore. Rishi Sunak, who was the Finance Minister of Britain, has been a student of Stanford Business School in California. His teachers do not know Rishi Sunak.

According to the news of The Guardian, when 12 professors of Rishi’s college were interviewed, no one remembers Rishi that he ever taught Sunak, while other teachers remember only a little. Sunak’s time at Stanford is (2004-2006).

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Remember, Sunak was one of the students
Robert Jose, the then dean of Stanford Business School, told that there were 400 students in every AD class of graduation, so it is not possible to remember all. Robert Jose said, ‘You can remember only those students who have either been in trouble or who have won a big prize.’

Another Stanford professor, Jeffrey Fecker, said he remembered that Sunak was one of his students. Let us tell you that Indian-origin Rishi Sunak, a contender for the post of Prime Minister of Britain, is competing with Liz Truss in the final round. The new British PM will be announced on 5 September after Tory members vote.

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He was a good student..
When asked about Sunak, another Stanford Business School professor, James Van Horn, initially did not remember anything about Sunak, but after a while he remembered that he studied in his corporate finance class. He said, ‘He was a good student and his performance was also good. I don’t remember much beyond that. In a social media post, he expressed the hope that his students reach positions where they can make a difference in the world. Rishi Sunak had mentioned a professor in his speech as a chancellor. When he was asked, he too did not remember anything. Nobel laureate Paul Romer said, ‘I do not remember at all that I ever had any conversation with him.’

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