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Red Chilli Health Benefits And Uses In Hindi

Red Chilli Benefits: Often on hearing the name of red chili, people remember the damage caused by it. But do you know about the benefits of red chillies for the body? Yes, red chilies not only cause harm to the body, but if you consume it in the right way then it can also have many benefits. Today in this article we will learn about the benefits of red chillies for the body.

benefits of red chili

relieve breathing problems

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If you are suffering from respiratory problems due to any reason, then red chili can be very useful for you. Cayenne pepper is effective in reducing respiratory problems.

reduce stomach ache

Often there is a problem of gas and pain in the stomach after eating spicy food. In this situation, red chili can act as a medicine for you. To consume it, mix 1 gram red chili powder in 100 grams jaggery. Now make a tablet of 1-2 grams of it. Consuming it regularly can remove the problem of stomach pain.

increase the desire to eat

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Cauliflower can be effective for you to increase the desire to eat. To consume it, tell red chili or eat it with sugar. This will increase the appetite.

relief from cholera

Cayenne pepper can provide relief from cholera problems. To consume it, keep the seeds of red chili separately. Now grind its skins finely and filter it with a cloth. Now add some camphor and asafetida to it, eat this mixture regularly. It can cure cholera.

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