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Recipes of delicious Dal Phere and Mushroom Pakora ingredients in…

This is an absolutely indigenous traditional dish, which is prepared and eaten in every part of the country in one form or the other. It has different names in each region and also different ways of making it.

But in the form of ingredients, the same things are used everywhere. Mainly two things are used in its ingredients – rice flour and gram dal. Rice flour is found everywhere. Chana dal is there in every house.

It is very easy to make. In a way, it can be called a stuffed form of idli itself. If you want, you can also give it the form of Dhokla. To make Fares, first of all soak the gram dal overnight. One and a half bowl of lentils will be enough to make twenty rounds. After soaking the lentils, it becomes soft, then drain its water.

Now take seven to eight buds of garlic and two to three green chilies, you can also take some curry leaves. Apart from this, take one spoon fennel and one spoon cumin. Put all these things in a grinder along with lentils and grind them coarsely. Then take out the dal in a bowl and keep it. Add required salt, finely chopped coriander leaves and some ginger to it.

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If you want, you can add a small onion finely chopped. Now add one spoon coriander powder, half spoon garam masala and one small spoon chaat masala or amchur powder and after mixing all the ingredients well keep it covered.

Four ordinary bowls or cups of flour are enough to make twenty rounds. Warm water should be used to knead it. Knead a flexible dough by adding water little by little. From this dough, take round balls equal to the size of the roti and apply light oil on the palms and spread these balls wide.

Add one to one and a half teaspoon of lentil mixture to it and close it well. Gujiya mold can also be used for this. If you want, you can close it by giving the shape of momo. Some people also keep its top end open. The convenience of closing is that when it is cooked in steam, there is no possibility of spreading the mixture outside.

Now put water in the idli maker and heat it and place the furrows in the idli tray. When the steam starts rising, put the fur tray inside and put the lid on top. Let it cook on medium heat for fifteen to twenty minutes. Fares are ready. If you want, eat them with chutney, if you want, eat it with the tempering of mustard, curry leaves.

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One way to make tempering is to pour it over all the fur. Another way is to prepare the tempering in a pan and then add four to five spoons of water and one spoon of sugar and dissolve it and then put the fur in it and turn it from all sides. These faras can also be served with coconut chutney. Otherwise, there is a sweet tomato chutney in the market.

mushroom dumplings
Eating pakodas in the rain is a different pleasure. There are many types of dumplings and many methods of making them. But the fun of mushroom dumplings is different. You all know the benefits of mushrooms. It maintains the proper amount of oxygen in the body and prevents the development of deadly diseases like cancer. Therefore, mushrooms should be eaten in different forms.

To make pakodas, first of all, wash the mushrooms by rubbing them thoroughly in lukewarm water mixed with salt. Then wash again with cold water and dry the water by keeping it on a towel. Meanwhile prepare its filling. For the filling, grate two medium sized boiled potatoes and 100 grams of cottage cheese.

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Add green chili, ginger, green coriander finely chopped to it. Add required salt, tsp garam masala and tsp chaat masala and mix well. Stuffing is ready. After this prepare a thick batter of gram flour, as we prepare for bread pakodas or other pakodas. Adding salt, carom seeds, asafoetida and turmeric powder to the gram flour, adding water little by little, keep beating in the same direction until the yellow color of the gram flour starts to take some whiteness.

Now separate the stems of the mushrooms and with the help of a knife or peeler, carefully remove the pulp inside them and hollow them out. Press and fill the prepared filling in these hollow parts and knead two mushrooms with the help of a toothpick by sticking the side of the stuffing.

Similarly prepare all the pakoras filled. Then heat oil in a pan for frying. When the oil becomes hot, turn the flame to medium. Then put it in the batter of gram flour and coat it well and put the mushrooms to fry. Fry till golden colour. Delicious mushroom pakodas are ready. Serve them hot with red or green chutney and enjoy the wet season.

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