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Recipes Made Up From Peas Peel Not Down Recipes

Peas Peel Recipe Idea: Pea peels, which are called the powerhouse of winter, are also no less than the powerhouse of nutrients. As much as the treasure of nutrition is hidden in peas, the same amount is also hidden in the peels of peas. Those who are thrown away thinking it as garbage after extracting peas. These peels, which have all the properties like peas, are also a green and fiber-rich diet, from which many tasty dishes can be prepared. So next time when peas are peeled, read these recipes carefully before throwing away the peels.

Mixed Vegetable of Pea Shells

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Pea Shells




Ginger Garlic Paste






Peel the peas and keep its peels soaked in water. Let the peels remain wet for some time. Till then peel and cut the potatoes.

Now keep a pan hot. Add oil to it. As soon as the oil becomes hot, add cumin seeds to it. After that add ginger garlic paste and finely chopped onions. When all these become light golden, then add turmeric and salt and mix.

Now put potatoes in the pan and cover and let the potatoes cook. Till then you cut the peels of peas. Before cutting the peels of peas, mash them lightly with your hand. By doing this, the hard but thin layer on top of the peels will come out. After this, the soft peel will be left. Finely chop these peels.

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After the potatoes are cooked, add tomatoes, peas peels to it and stir the vegetable and then let it cook for a while. Finally add all the spices and eat hot vegetable.

Pea Shells Sauce

Pea peel chutney is also full of taste and nutrition. to make it you need

coriander leaves

Pea Shells


Ginger and Garlic

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Green chilly


Chaat Masala Salt


To make chutney, keep the peels of peas soaked. After that, mash them with a light hand and remove the top layer.

Put salt and water in a pan, put the peels in it and let it boil.

When the peels boil, let the water drain. Cool them and put them in the mixer. Blend all the ingredients together.

By the way, such chutney itself looks delicious. If you want, you can also fry this chutney a little by adding cumin seeds in light oil. With this, the flavor of the chutney will become even better.

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