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Reason Of Eyes Pain And Headache Migraine Stress Sinus And Cluster Pain

Reason Of Eye Pain With Headache: These days it is common to have pain in the head and eyes. Everyone is troubled by this problem. Even small children sometimes complain of pain in the eyes. If there is only pain in the eyes, then definitely get an eye test done for it. If there is pain in the head along with the eyes, then there can be many other reasons for this. Many times there is so much unbearable pain in the eyes and head that I do not understand what to do. Actually, pain in the head and eyes can also be due to migraine, stress and many other reasons. Let us know what is the reason for this.

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Causes of eye and headache
1- Migraine- If you have severe pain on one side of the head and sometimes behind one eye, then these are symptoms of a migraine. Sometimes this pain can last up to 72 hours. In this pain, you may also feel like nausea, runny nose or congestion. You can also be allergic to light, sound or any smell.

2- sinus- Sometimes sinus infection can also be the cause of pain in the eyes and head. There may be pain in the eyes, forehead, cheeks, nose and upper teeth in the sinus. This pain can bother you many times throughout the day. Sinusitis often progresses due to allergies.

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3- Stress- People who live under a lot of stress, such pain bothers them. The pain caused by stress is mild pain on both sides of the head or in front of your head, behind the eyes. Tension headaches often occur in women. This pain can last from half an hour to a few hours.

4- Cluster headache- Sometimes cluster headaches also cause severe pain around the eyes. The pain is mostly around one eye. Along with pain, there may also be a problem of watery and reddening of the eye. Sometimes it hurts so much that you can become restless. Although it is not a common headache and mostly affects men.

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